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Default Re: Kanye vs 50

Muz you're right. Some of the old stuff is good. I was watching a TV show and they had one of the rappers who was famous in the 80's (forgot his name) and he was saying that he disagrees with what rap music has turned into and does not endorse it. Rap music didn't always used to be about guns and killings and stuff, but somehow it turned into that now.

They had a rapper by the name of "Nas" at Virginia Tech who was singing about killing, shooting, murdering and all that. I think it was inappropriate, and really shows what the rap music industry is about. It seems to be about using whatever needs necessary, whether legal or not to make money. It shows a lot of these guys have no morals, Nas obviously doesn't, and neither do the people that degrade women, authority, or condone killing and murdering. For once, I actually agree with Al Sharpton on one thing, and that's his opinion about what is being said in Rap songs.

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Default Re: Kanye vs 50

Originally Posted by muz View Post
I agree completely , musicians need to use their status for good and show the kids who they are role models to that the whole Gang culture is wrong rather than promote it in their music
Some rappers such as eminem etc talk about their personal experinces in life and how they have messed him up and he is showing the kids who listen to his music here dont do what i did but then other rappers promote the whole gang idea in their music and kids think its all cool and have no respect for autority
ALso som of the old school rap is good like stuff from the 80's but now most of it is about guns sex and drugs , and having no respect for women or figures of autority
Completely agreed.

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Default Re: Kanye vs 50

Kanye West. I hate 50 Cent with a passion. I wouldn't even pay that much for an album of his, much less download it.

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