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Smile Re: Just my two cents..

Originally Posted by Bahawolf View Post
Well, I've been reading over the events of this community the last few days and quite honestly, I'm slightly strained as to how things could get this bad.

ComputerForums from the time I joined, has been about helping others and learning something in the process. Most of the people here are either very interested in computers, or are very interested in their potential (gamers, for instance).

Among those who use this community as what its intended for, a tool for learning and discussion, are those who are abusing the community. Before the discussion swings towards, "Strikers are the source of all evil, AHHH".. No, their not the primary reason that ComputerForums is having issues. In fact, CF has been having issues with problematic behavior from some members, for a while.

The whole "striker" movement only set off the fire of events, recently..

Through it all, I think that several people here need to look at their own behavior and stop posting, until they realize what their doing. First of all, for those of you interested in helping CF prosper and become a better community for everyone, arguments in the public will not help such. If I was a new member at this point in time, and saw some of the things I've seen, I'd leave the community assuming everyone here is immature and not worth my time.

The thing is, some of you are very intelligent... and its some of these people whom I used to respect that are becoming involved in these arguments. First of all, arguments over a forum is completely juvenile, and quite honestly, you'll never win with someone who is facing you either as a strawman, or is to ignorant to analyze their own behavior.

If you feel the person you are having an argument with is an immature prat with no sense, why even argue? An argument is an attempt to prove a claim with premises, but for you to actually win an argument, they have to be mature enough to accept your premises. What we have here on CF are not arguments in the form of debates, but direct flaming and tense replies to threads.

The biggest letdown in my opinion, is the moderators and gurus of the community who are getting involved. While none of you are Superman, you do have self control and you have a responsibility to this community to set an example. Please practice it..

The biggest arguments right now are ironic actually..

On one hand, we have the "CF Strikers" who would like certain things of the community changed. In the same group, I'll categorize Rubber314Chicken, because he made a thread for a petition to change things as well..

Well, these people are getting yelled at because their pushing for changes, right? "David owns the community, and he'll run it however he likes.." -- This is reality, but its the main premises to the argument people have when they argue that we shouldn't push for change.

If we shouldn't push for change, why are there posts in some threads stating that certain members don't belong here, because they were CF Strikers? If David unbanned them, that is how he chooses to run his community. If you don't accept and respect that decision, are you no better than those who "just won't accept the way CF is"?

I personally think that CF Strikers began with the idea of trying to put together a formal group of who would like change. Perhaps the idea was that by showing David how many people did want some type of change, that he might reconsider certain aspects. He doesn't have to do anything, but were they wrong for voicing their opinion and forming a group of people to represent it? In my honest opinion, no they were not.

Things went to far, and became dramatic when someone did in fact prank phone call David. I mean honestly, how dare you? How could anyone in this community be so immature to go and prank call, with the idea of change for the better in mind? Fact is, anyone who would take the time to do something like that, is only interested in stirring drama.

That does NOT mean everyone interested in change, is interested in stirring drama.

And in an attempt to keep my argument neutral, the same issues exist with the people who do want change. You need to keep your arguments clear and respectful, or they won't even be considered. Remember that while you do contribute to CF with helpful posts, and make up the community, you are not the only one who does that.. and everyone here has an opinion. If everyone had CF look like they wanted it, it'd probably take a half hour to load up on a T1 connection. The fact is, David holds the final decision in it all, as the community administrator.

The other issue I see is in the poll threads, people are using statistics to try to prove an argument. "Oh look, 51% want nothing changed." -- How accurate is that? How many voted twice? How many didn't vote? And how many are to afraid to voice their opinion, because they'll likely be flamed for it?

I mean for God sakes, if you make a thread on reputation now a days, you get a response like.. "Shut the hell up.. we bitched for it.. now we bitch against it." -- Hmm, thats a bit rough for someone making a suggestion, don't you think?

If you truly don't want suggestions, then remove the suggestion forum and make it against the rules to make suggestions, and there you go. If you don't like a suggestion, then it really doesn't matter anyway. As others have made clear, what does your opinion really matter, if David is the one who makes the decision?

I have another point, and possibly the most valid in my opinion. Why was the private messages with the link sent, against the rules? Because the forum attacked the ideals of CF?

What if the members involved had the link in their signature..? That doesn't violate any rule to my knowledge, and many members do have links in their signature. If their forum is about computers, are they 'stealing members'? I didn't know that joining CF limited what I do in my life outside of CF, or when and how I or anyone else talks to someone else here.

Everyone has a right to make their own community, based on anything..
And if its not in the rules of CF to advertise by PM or signature, whats wrong?

I wonder if we're not loyal if we're members of other forums..
If so, here comes the ban stick for several members here apparently.
This is a great post, you cover all the main issues, don't take notice of the moaners

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Default Re: Just my two cents..

Originally Posted by 01001010 View Post
You know you don't enable HTML to have images and text in signatures, you know that right?
Yes. People still want html sigs though

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