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Default J.C Summary (HW)

Message to mods, please do not delete this, its a project taht I worked on and the only way I can get it from school to my house is though here. You can read if you like. But don't delete it whatever you mods do or edit it please.

Julius Caesar Summary
Julius Caesar which many believe was not a Caesar he was a dictator in which the Rome Sentate normally only oppotioned for a year or so. However they decided to do different with him and make their republic an empire. So they gave him complete power.
He came to power in many forms. He spent some time Gual fighting them off. He was a very good military leader. He fought for many years there. He even went in what now is today modern day Britian in 55 BC. However when he returned to Rome he was not welcomed with open arms. Many feared his power and what he was capable of doing.
This caused a civil war. He was told no to cross a river. He attempted talks, but decided to cross it. This ignited a civil war. Which of course he won overwhelming in his favor. He is often considered one the greatest military leaders of all time. Some people even debate if he was not better then Alexander The Great. He was able to conquer the Guals, which the great Roman Republic attempted for quite some time before he did and won. Again over whelming.
On to the civil war that he won. He crossed and basically defeated the great Roman Military with one legion. However needless to say the Romanians know what he had done, and where scared however they did not know his true size. He only had his XIII legion with him. This particular legion had a long history of fighting though and every single man was well experienced in the art of combat. This civil war was all over the world though. Caesar traveled to where his enemies fled and kill them all overwhelming victories.
He came consul in BC 45 and did many reforms. He had plans for his veterans to get land. He also helped the poor out hugely by grating a public “dole” in which grain could be bought very cheaply. However he prevented the rich was taking advantage of this, but passing laws forbidding any one of a certain class that had a certain amount of money no to be able to buy from this dole. He passed some laws like people between 20 and 4 0 could not leave Italy for more then 3 years unless on military assignment. He even rebuilt to Rome. He built from a urban city center that was hardly impressive to anyone to the greatest city to ever exist.
Even though he was hardly greedy, in fact he had token steps to insure he could not become cruel and over controlling many feared that he’d become a king. Who would have complete control. Even though he pretty much already did. So they were going to kill him. They talked a lot on where to do it. They figured the senate was the best because only they would be aloud to go into there. So they hide their knifes, Caesar was told that he would most likely die today. He knew he couldn’t prevent it so he dismissed his bodyguards, which would normally accompany him. Pretty much the entire senate took place. He wasn’t the only one to get in juried that day even though he was the only target he put up a good fight, but lost in the end.
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