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Old 02-19-2006, 12:07 PM   #31
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Default Re: And its been decided..

I've got a lot of work to do... I'm leaving...
one week later I'll come back and make a thread to let you all know I'm back...
then I'll leave again creating another thread... then when I'm back I'll create another new thread...

you can see why it annoys people right?

all it does is cause arguments, because, firstly in your leaving thread someone sayd, that they arn't going to miss you or didn't like you, and it decends into chos... or in the comming back thread there is always someone not happy to see that you are back, and that causes arguments. (when I said if you have a problem then don't post, it was more aimed at trying to diffuse some arguments that may be caused between yuo, and the people who don't want to see you, or arguments between you and the people you annoy by annoncing your arrival).

frankly, the I'm leaving threads (for me at least) allways seem like a joke, no-one ever posts that they are leaving and never comes back... they always say that they are leaving, and then spend just as much time in here discussing about how they were leaving, or how why they are leaving... or they just keep appearing as online because they are just checking whether they are missed!

If you want to leave a forum, then just stop posting, (many others manage to leave without a please miss me because I need a big ego trip thread).

if you've had a break and come back then try just making a few posts and helping some people out rather than starting a I need another big ego trip so please tell me how much you missed me and how great I am thread.

in fact the only thing is you never really left...
you started you. "I want to be banned thread" that started your first ego trip with people saying how they might miss you

and you've been here AND made posts every day since!!! http://computerforums.org/search.php...2&pp=25&page=1

even if your first thread about leaving was genuine... you still never left...
I don't see why you needed a thread to annonce you are coming back since you never left!!
last post by you in the I'm leaving /ban me till march thread 11th feb
first post in the I'm back thread - 18th feb
did you even need a thread to annonce your return after only one week, (especially as we've already discussed you never actually left!

Lastly... if you really do have to do school work untill march then exercise some self control rather than having to leave a place, just visit less...
and you will be missed by the lack of contributions to the community rather than because you made a thread asking people to miss you.

OK? is the point clear now?

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Old 02-19-2006, 12:09 PM   #32
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Default Re: And its been decided..

Wow. Well said.

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