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Default Interesting News Stories

Check out these news stories I got from Slashdot. I took them yesterday (27).

"Though the debate continues around global warming, a new proposal suggests building an artificial space ring around the Earth to block the light of the sun and bring a balance to solar radiation, cloud cover, and heat-trapping greenhouse gases. The ring could be comprised of particles which would scatter the sunlight, or be built by an interconnected ring of spaceships aligned to block the light. The former proposal is estimated to cost anywhere from $6 trillion to $200 trillion dollars, while the spaceship solution would run approximately $500 billion. Halo fans rejoice."

"U.S. scientists have managed to revive dead dogs to life, by using a technique similar to cryogenation, in which the dogs' blood was drained and replaced by a cold, saline liquid. A couple of hours, their blood was replaced, and an electric shock brought them back to life with no brain damage. The technology will be tested on humans within the next year."

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Default Re: Interesting News Stories

oooo i like the second one. im not a big halo fan but i think it would be interesting to build the halo ring and ship. it would cost a hell of a lot though. and since nasa would be the one building it, it would cost much much more.

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Default Re: Interesting News Stories

who believes this guy here.. Man stop spamming here..
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Default Re: Interesting News Stories

they're never gonna build a ring round the earth, $500 TRILLION is far too much, no-ones ever gonna be able to afford that, not even all the governments in the world. An impossible task. As for cryogenics, yeah, could happen, quite cool actually
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