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Default Interesting

OK lets say as tiny kid you and your mom always bake stuff. You can bake better then anybody else that you know. Everyone loves all of your stuff. Your truly good at what you do. You can read and write and stuff and you got some form of eduaction. Your not a complete moron that can't read or write or anything at all. However your not the next JK Roweling or Isaac Newton. So anyways you go to school and everything and yor working as a cashier at a store. You don't really hate your job but you aren't dieing to go to work every single morning. So you decide hey, I can bake a few cakes, I can then sell them make some money and create my own business.

But then the gov tells you unless you've done a 3 year trade-school you can't bake as a profession because you have to be certified. But then again your not EXTEREMLY smart and deffinatly not smart enough to make it though you schooling. (Finishing basic you can do). Even though your the best baker anyone knows.

Different verison.

You grow up in a eduacted faimly everyone is really smart and really knows a lot, you like baking even though you suck at it. You want to make your business so you go to trade-school you do it and stuff and boom your a baker you are crappy at what you do but you can do it because you spent 3 years of your life in school for it.

Thats what the German gov does bascially. To do anything you need a licease and to get that you need to go to speacil trade-schools. Heres the catch you have to find a employeer willing to take you on, but if your grades aren't high enough you can't even though wheater or not your a wise guy at math, or a world re-noun author affects how you do your job.#

Jobs like PC repair man, Car person, Baker, stuff like that, it even goes to stuff as SIMPLE AS CASH REGISTER PEOPLE. And poeple in fastfoods need ot be certified to work!

I fail to see the sense in telling a kid he work the cash register because he hasn't gone to a trade school to learn how to operate a machine that allz ou do is punch the prize in and collect the cash. Or a PC repair man that really knows his stuff, he know sthe inside outside of a PC like the back of his hand can't make even his own business because the gov said he has to have so many years of worthless schooling.

Basically to even do simple stuff i'm not talking a heart doctor or brain doctor iäm talking retail, owning your business and stuf you have to get into a trade-school by finding a job before you can get into the trade school to do the job is kinda dumb eh?

Me for example to do my own business I need to turn in my business plan and pay a lot of legal fees and stuff to do it. I'm talking spending here 5,000 euros. Then if there is one thing out of place lets say a minor spelling error like meaning to say There but instead you say Their it could be rejected and you have to pay again.

Great thing about lets say America when i wanted to open my own business this is what I needed to legaly do it.
1. An idea (I got to know what I want to do)
2. Myself

No government envolement I could open shop when I wanted too and could do as I please. German gov says no because they want to make sure your qualifted. And your kinda like its my own business my quality of my product will make or break me, so of course its going to be good.

A lot of german kids have to decide what they want to do for their rest of their lives when they are in 4th grade. In 4th grade I wanted to be a Navy Seal and run around the entire world shooting things up. Now I know I want to do my own business. How can you expect a 9 or 10 year old to make a decision on what kinda job he'd like when hes 20... I think the German system is failing here. Heh most teenagers (american) at 18 don't have a clear idea of what they want to do.
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