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Old 01-29-2008, 08:16 PM   #1
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Default intel going green?

Say what you will about Renewable Energy Certificates, Green Tags, carbon offsets and the like, but Intel sure does own a lot of them. Intel just became the largest purchaser of Renewable Energy Certificates in the US, with a commitment to snapping up 1.3 billion kilowatt hours a year of the stuff. RECs act as a sort of green "currency," allowing a company invest in renewable energy sources, instead of the pollution-ridden plant up the river fueled by the blood of innocents. Not a bad PR move, but the investment should make renewable energy sources more affordable down the line, so it's hard to fault them there.

so maybe america will take a bigger intrest in renewable energy since a large company bought so much stock.

Oh, Merom. It felt like just yesterday that we were shaking our heads in disappointment after reading lackluster reviews and wondering when you'd finally make an appearance in Apple's MacBook Pro. Thankfully, times change, and with Intel's mobile Penryn stealing all the limelight of late, we 'spose it's about time the Merom lineup cashed out its 401(k) and sailed off to Maui. According to a PCN (product change notification) from the chip maker, the Core 2 Duo T7200, T7600, T5500, T5600 and LV L7200 are being flagged for discontinuation along with the less potent Celeron M 520 and 530. Granted, the whole family will still be available to ship
until sometime in 2009, but for us, it's on to bigger smaller and faster things

looks like there older chips for notebooks are out the door.

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Default Re: intel going green?

<< please don't waste posts like this >>

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Default Re: intel going green?

big wow, intel invest in a renewable energy company.

but are they actually using renewable energy themselves? and what of their new R&D, is it speed focused? or reduced heat disppation/power consumption?

I'll bet that they are after whateveryone else is after, better and faster. regardless of the energy usage concerns.

as much of a PR move as this is, it is only that, a PR move, like you say, you can't really knock them for putting on the big public face and generating interest. but until their do something more than just plough money into it then really I don't see how this should be able to buy them out of what shuld be a duty to look at better/more efficient ways of manufacture and more efficient end products.

besides the future of energy really lies more in the hands of the individual than the companys of the world, like switching off computers etc.
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