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Default Insurance

Is there like anyway to estimate how much insurance will cost, you just plug your age and car in?

Check out my car forum..

what is up vanilla face
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Default Re: Insurance

Most insurance websites allow you to do it online, some will even compare them for the best prices

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Default Re: Insurance

as your young, itll be a shit load.

at the moment i own a 490 banger, daewoo nexia, i am insuring it third party only under my dads insurance

i am paying 1,100 a year for that (98 per month)

on the peugeot, i was paying 230 (about $460) per month. thats over 2,700 a year. for a 1.4 diesel. they take the right royal piss with car insurance..

if its anything like it is over here, be prepared to be working 6 days a week... or do what a hell of alot of people do around here, and just drive uninsured.. its a vicious circle, people cant afford to insure their cars, yet need to drive to get to work, they hit a car while they are driving uninsured, the insurance companies have to get the money back, so they put the prices up, more people cant afford it, more people drive uninsured, more crashes involving uninsured drivers, more price rises

i mean cummon, how many 18/19 year olds can afford 2,700 a year? and thats the lowest offer i got..

even by driving a shitty old daewoo, im still paying over a grand a year, i only earn 10k a year for christs sake!!

insurance companies are total morons, expect to pay a hellalot for it..

good luck..
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