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Old 08-15-2009, 11:06 PM   #1
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Default implosion

I have a crt picture tube and i was wondering if there's a way to safely disarm it, so it doesn't implode if u break any thing

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Old 08-16-2009, 12:17 AM   #2
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Default Re: implosion

safely disarm it? what's in there? a bomb?

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Default Re: implosion

Yeah, implosion. CRT's are actually quite dangerous. From Wikipedia:

A high vacuum exists within all CRT monitors. If the outer glass envelope is damaged, a dangerous implosion may occur. Due to the power of the implosion, glass pieces may bounce and explode outwards. This shrapnel can travel at dangerous and potentially fatal velocities. While modern CRTs used in televisions and computer displays have epoxy-bonded face-plates or other measures to prevent shattering of the envelope, CRTs removed from equipment must be handled carefully to avoid personal injury.

Early TV receivers had safety glass in front of their CRTs for protection. Modern CRTs have exposed faceplates; they have tension bands around the widest part of the glass envelope, at the edge of the faceplate, to keep the faceplate's glass under considerable compression, greatly enhancing resistance to impact. The tension in the band is on the order of a ton or more.

I'm not sure what to do with it though. If you have an old TV repair shop or any place that lets you dispose of electronics, take it to them. Otherwise.. All I can say is be careful.
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Default Re: implosion

1> A CRT can hold a lethal charge for several years. DO NOT touch the button on the side of the tube or you'll wished you hadn't.
2> The vacuum inside a CRT tube is minus 1 atmoshere. If the front is broken all the way through the neck (that's the guns in the back) will get sucked through the middle of the tube at supersonic speed or better.
You do not want to be any where near a CRT tube when it implodes. The speed and power of the neck flying out can penetrate your chest deeply enough to kill you. Amongst the other glass flying about.
Take it to a TV repair shop and see if they would get rid of it. A firing range might take it as a target. They love shooting up old tubes.
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Default Re: implosion

Originally Posted by setishock View Post
You do not want to be any where near a CRT tube when it implodes. .
Been there, done that. Threw an old tube into a dumpster (it was taken out of the plastic enclosure) and it made a satisfying hiss and boom.
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