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Default Re: I'm ANGRY

Originally Posted by cileskot
its that way in illinois too.. dont yu have to be 18 to buy an m rated game anywhere?
Its 17 in newfoundland.

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Default Re: I'm ANGRY

Originally Posted by mongoman
aparently Hilary Clinton is tryin to make it so video games cant be sold to people under the age of 18(wether they are violent or not).as a 14 year old gamer this pissis me off as some of the good games are un violent that i would play like mario or the sims i can see people sendin hate mail to Hilary Clinton but peole use common sense: hes tryin to make us look bad if we as gamers(of any age) send hate mail to him it proves his point and it is like tryin to put out a fire with kindleing. anyway just lookin to see other peoples opinion

p.s i got this out of the november issue of EGM
10% chance that will occur. You have the right to buygames, period.

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Default Re: I'm ANGRY

well this is an american article so it might not affect me but i can buy m rated games but my parents buy them( like i said they arent completely stupid towards wut tey are buyin me tho they buy them for me because im 14 and my morals are in plase big difference between me and a 8 year old playin GTA

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