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Old 10-28-2008, 11:47 AM   #31
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Default Re: Illegal downloading.

anyway to find out what qwest does?
besides emailing/call them?

I cant seem to find any story about anybody facing penalty for copyright infringement in the US. All i could find was about Bush passing a new bill that enforces copyright.

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Old 10-28-2008, 12:17 PM   #32
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Default Re: Illegal downloading.

Search around and see what you find. Talking to other people who have Qwest is a good idea too.

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Old 10-28-2008, 01:31 PM   #33
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Default Re: Illegal downloading.

i got one of those letters from my ISP like 2 years ago...and i got another a few days ago... nothing to worry about. the ISP won't give out your info to some random company claiming copyright infringement. Plus, all they have is your IP address, and the way they get it is that the copyright owners go on the torrent and pretend to be seeding, then take all the IP's that are downloading from them and find out what ISP owns them, and then they get the ISP to send out the letters.
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Old 10-28-2008, 01:37 PM   #34
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Default Re: Illegal downloading.

Originally Posted by Teny View Post
how good is this program?

1. what are the consequences for the US? and can the US people actually be caught? I never heard a story where someone in the US gotten caught, only the people in the UK.
Just wondering.

he can do what i do, and dont download anything for a certain of months until i think they stop keeping track of me.

2. EDIT - Since reformatting Windows clear the ISP, can they still get the persons after reformatting?


what comes first?
cutting off your internet? or getting charged?

1. I am pretty sure its up to 5 years in prison and up t $250,000 fine.
2. Reformmating wil erase everythig on your PC yes. But when you download, you are connected to a server, That server stores your IP. reformatting doesnt change your IP.
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Old 10-28-2008, 01:41 PM   #35
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Default Re: Illegal downloading.

okay, so i started Googling the email i got, and i am starting to get an idea that its fake/spam.

From : <abuse@qwest.net>
Sent : Tuesday, October 14, 2008 10:02 PM
To : abuse-nonverbose@qwest.net, myemail@msn.com
Subject : [AB-M7663275Z] Notification of Acceptable Use Policy Violation of Multiple DMCA Infringements
Example of Complaint

Complaint #4

X-MailFrom: sysop@qwest.net
X-RcptTo: abacus@magic2.oss.uswest.net
X-From: esa-no-reply@copyright-compliance.com
Subject: Notice ID: 182-60290972 ESA USA Notice
To: infring@qwest.com
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2008 21:26:45 -0700
X-DCC-Qwest.net-Metrics: mpls-mf-01.inet.qwest.net; whitelist

Hash: SHA1

Entertainment Software Association
575 7th Street, NW, Suite 300
Washington, DC 20004 USA

Attention: Intellectual Property Enforcement
Telephone: 202-223-2400
mailto:esa@copyright-compliance.com?subject=RE%3A%20Notice%20ID%3A%2018 2%2D60290972%20ESA%20USA%20Notice

8 Oct 2008 04:20:58 GMT

ISP: Qwest Communications Corporation
ESA Reference Number: 182-60290972
IP Address: xx.xxx.xxx.xx
Date of Infringement: 7 Oct 2008 00:47:23 GMT

Dear Qwest Communications Corporation:

The Entertainment Software Association (&quot;ESA&quot is a U.S. trade
association that represents the intellectual property interests of numerous
companies that publish interactive games for video game consoles, personal
computers, handheld devices and the Internet (hereinafter collectively referred
to as &quot;ESA members&quot. ESA is authorized to act on behalf of ESA
members whose copyright and other intellectual property rights it believes to be
infringed as described herein.

ESA is providing this notice pursuant to the Section 512 of Title 17 of the
U.S. Code (as enacted by the 'Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation
Act') to make Qwest Communications Corporation aware that the IP Address
identified below is using the services and systems of Qwest Communications
Corporation to infringe the exclusive copyright and other rights of one or more
ESA members. This notice is addressed to you as the agent designated by Qwest
Communications Corporation to receive notifications of claimed infringement.

Based on the information at its disposal on 7 Oct 2008 00:47:23 GMT, ESA has
a good faith belief that the subscriber using the IP address xx.xxx.xxx.xx is
infringing the copyright rights of one or more ESA members by copying and
distributing unauthorized copies of game products (through peer-to-peer or
similar software/services), in violation of applicable copyright laws, through
internet access that Qwest Communications Corporation provides directly to the
xx.xxx.xxx.xx or through a downstream provider that purchases this access for
xx.xxx.xxx.xx. The copyrighted works that have been infringed include but are
not limited to:

Title: (file name)
Infringement Source: BitTorrent
Infringement Timestamp: 7 Oct 2008 00:47:23 GMT
Infringement Last Documented: 7 Oct 2008 00:47:23 GMT
Infringer Username:
Infringing Filename: (File)
Infringing Filesize: 7658529265
Infringer IP Address: xx.xxx.xxx.xx
Infringer DNS Name: xx-xxx-xxx-xx.hlrn.qwest.net
Infringing URL: (tracker)

The unauthorized copies of game product are listed and/or identified thereon
by their titles or variations thereof, game-related
listings/references/descriptions, or depictions of game-related artwork. Such
copies, titles, game-related listings/references/descriptions, depictions, and
material that is the subject of infringing activities are hereinafter referred
to as &quot;Infringing Material.&quot;

Given this infringing activity by xx.xxx.xxx.xx, the ESA urges Qwest
Communications Corporation to cooperate with its efforts to protect the
intellectual property rights of its members companies and immediately do the

1. Notify the account holder of the Infringing Material.
2. Take steps to stop the infringing activity.
3. Take appropriate action against the account holder under your Abuse
of Service Agreement, including termination of repeat offenders under Section
512(i) of Title 17 of the U.S. Code.

ESA believes that the information in this notification is accurate. Under
penalty of perjury, I hereby affirm that ESA is authorized to act on behalf of
ESA members whose exclusive copyright rights we believe to be infringed as
described herein. Qwest Communications Corporation or the account holder may
contact ESA at the above-listed contact details, with email preferred. Please
include the above-noted Reference Number in the subject line of all email

Thank you for your cooperation and prompt response in this matter.


Intellectual Property Enforcement
Entertainment Software Association

- ---Start ACNS XML
&lt;?xml version=&quot;1.0&quot; encoding=&quot;iso-8859-1&quot;?&gt;

&lt;Entity&gt;Entertainment Software Association&lt;/Entity&gt;
&lt;Contact&gt;Anti-Piracy Enforcement, Intellectual Property Enforcement
&lt;Address&gt;575 7th Street, NW Suite 300, Washington, D. C. 20004
United States of America&lt;/Address&gt;
&lt;Phone&gt;1(202) 223-2400,1(202) 223-2401&lt;/Phone&gt;
&lt;Entity&gt;Qwest Communications Corporation&lt;/Entity&gt;
&lt;Title&gt;(File Name)&lt;/Title&gt;
- ---End ACNS XML
Version: 8.0



Qwest Internet Security
Qwest Internet Solutions sysop@qwest.net, abuse@qwest.net

Acceptable Use Policy

Terms of Service Policy
Look legit? (I replaced my IP, and filename)

huh.... some parts got replaced with expressions...
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Default Re: Illegal downloading.

why do you guys start these threads?? They ALWAYS get closed because somebody immature takes it too far... seems like we have one of these every two weeks.
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Old 10-28-2008, 01:56 PM   #37
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Default Re: Illegal downloading.

Just use Peer Guardian. Filters out (most) Anti-P2P Organizations from connecting to your PC.
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Old 10-28-2008, 02:37 PM   #38
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Default Re: Illegal downloading.

Not to encourage him or anything, but if he does get caught the chances of him being found guilty are still kinda low. The problem is associating an ip with a person. But If I get a letter, then I'd stop in a heartbeat.

That is of course, if I did use illegal torrents.
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Old 10-28-2008, 02:39 PM   #39
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Default Re: Illegal downloading.

IP addresses are designated from the ISP. They may change if you turn off the modem and turn it back on, but it will be very similar to your old one.
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Old 10-28-2008, 03:13 PM   #40
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Default Re: Illegal downloading.

Wasn't there a thread about this not long ago with that video that said, "Steal This Video"? I said in that thread one quote from that video that caught my eye.

"In fighting file sharing, the entertainment industry is fighting the fundamental structure of the internet."

Completely true. Just to get you thinking. Personally I would rather like a phone call to my house rather than an e-mail. I hardly ever check my e-mails!

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