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Default Re: i need some opinions please

obvious choice is obvious

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Default Re: i need some opinions please

Originally Posted by hankthetank View Post
I'm sure police forces care for a person who has the ability to utilize their knowledge and logic in the workplace instead of someone who is physically strong.

If anything i'm sure they'll pick the college grad that is 6'3 200lbs (because i'm sure there will be plenty of them).
lol for one, i have been to the police academy i have seen all of the people there and of all the people there about 1-3 were the same height as me (or close to it) and only 1 of them were buffer.. lol and just because someone is big and buff it doesnt mean that they are automatically stupid.. i consider myself to be very smart as in when i was in 9th grade algebra it was to easy so the teacher gave me some sophomore college lvl work and i finished that before the other kids were even done doing the one that i had done first...

Originally Posted by muz View Post
and what about situations where something other than brute force is required ?
lol look wat i said up there but yeah.. i consider myself better than the average joe at brains considering had one of the best grades in all of my classes while finishing all my work in half the time as all the other students =\

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Default Re: i need some opinions please

Some interesting replies to this thread....However, In regards to your poll, I refrained from voting as I truly feel only you can make that decision and shouldn't be influenced to go any other way than what your heart feels is the right direction for you.

In terms of requirements to get into a Dept, it's not as strict as many think.

I got in without any real committed college years aside from a Criminal Justice course. Now addressing the "College is required"....It's not required, but it helps among many other things. When you apply for a particular Dept, the Selection process is going to weed out the majority of applicants, while the actual Academy weeds out the remaining. The Oral Interview part of the process is where the board of usually 3 Officers/Sergeants, etc will interview you. It's this part of the process where they will see what credentials you possess over your applying peers and go over much of what you wrote on your Application. If there is 10 applicants and all of which have college and 1 doesn't, of course, The 9 have an advantage over the others. You CAN blow an Oral Interview, if you can't own that room in a sense, You now lost that edge, etc.. Size, strength, sex, Etc is never considered in whether you move onto the next step of the selection process and then Academy, UNLESS you don't meet the minimum requirements to begin with.

While I went through the Academy I saw 5' 5" tiny females tear the shit out of 6'2" musclebound freaks in Physical activities. Lot of diverseness in the Academy and you will see some of what you thought were the "best of the best" among your class blow it in the different areas they test and train you in.

Everything up to the Academy is an Application process while the Police Academy puts you on payroll and begins your training.

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