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Default I need Guidance!

I am looking to join a new college, my local college is decent but I want better.

I hear ITT is a big scam? Is this true? For 14k a year thats a bit expensive for a school that doesnt transfer credits.

As of right now I am looking to just start a career in the IT world for quick cash.

I do have a excellent understanding of software/hardware/networking. I also carry a great interest and I have for many years. But I am not close to advanced by any means.

In my current class at MATC of the 25 people in the class, maybe 5 are familiar or somewhat familiar with networking/hardware/software.
I am one of them, but it frustrates me that their are only 4 other people in my class that can navigate through windows like me. This slows down my studies and irritates me because I am not paying for 20 other people to learn how to use simple windows tasks, they should not have been allowed to take the class without taking a class in windows/linux/basic hardware components.

Which route do you guys think I should take to further my studies. I know my potential is great and the longer I wait the more time I waste.

I guess im scared because of so many people in the IT world are telling me its not worth it and there is no demand for people in the IT business anymore. I notice many schools are basically just giving away net+ and A+ certs, anyone can get one, even if they do not understand their studies. But then again many people in this world is complete idiots, I hate to say it but I might be gullable at times and listen to them without checking their past.

I am very upset with my schools attempt in teaching networking. Its over crowded, many of the students are unfamiliar with using windows or linux, they have no clue how to perform simple tasks yet they are in a networking class. This angers me and gives me distrust in the school system, if someone with no interest, no enthusiasm, and does no work in a class can still pass the course, how does this do me any good for a future job? Who am I being compared to? I am a bit scared of making a commitment to a school because of the horror stories.

If anyone has some good advice please share your thoughts, I am currently 21 years old. I want to know the stories of your successes as technicians. Maybe that will help me choose my path.

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Default Re: I need Guidance!

Hmmm dunno. Im still in High School so I still have 3 years till I can tell you. Or by then you could tell me.
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