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Default Re: I Just Dropped My Laptop!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Jordan Pardy
Whoa. Talk about close call
haha yeap, my foot didnt like it though lol

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Default Re: I Just Dropped My Laptop!!!!!!

alright, this happened to me a few weeks ago:

i had my laptop sitting on this wobbly table thing that isnt really meant to hold anything over 5 pounds because it will tip over. the laptop was running. i walked across the room and accidentally bumped it, and there it went, falling to the ground in what looked like a slow motion fall. all i thought in my mind was, "oh crap!!!!" i dived out to grab it, but it had already smashed to the floor. first, the lcd completely snapped off and flew into another direction. i later found that it cracked, too. then, the freaking case completely popped open, and out comes tumbling the hard drive. my wireless card snapped in half. the keyboard completely popped off, and i dont mean just the keys, the entire thing just sort of peeled about 3/4 of the way off. but some keys also popped off to make things worse. also, i saw a big sprk right when it smashed the ground. i am puzzled as to how all of this damage happened because it fell on a soft carpet. at least it was only like 800mhz, 256mb ram, crappy graphics and whatnot. i was getting sick of it anyway, so now i have atleast another excuse to get a new one. ill post a picture of it later.

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