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Default I hate losing to malware.

This is going to be venting, but it has a really good reason. First, about the infection, and second how I reacted. I am writing this for anyone whom has a huge ego (as I do) and as a warning not to get too over your head.

About a week ago, I noticed somthing strange planting files. It turned out to be a Trojan. It had added two reg entries, and it had created two copies of itself. Killing that was easy. What followed was a game of cat and mouse. It successfully infected Explorer, and had attempted to infect Iexplorer, but I could never figure out why. It was contained to my account, so I was determaned to decompile this thing, and find the person that created it. The drive was so powerful, that all I needed to know was that no other accounts had been affected for me to get this done.

I beat myself to death trying to find where it was. Explorer kept dropping files, and trying to change the start page on IE. Both of these actions where detected by Avast and stopped. After 4 days, I was on edge and needed to settle out of this game for a while, but I couldnt because it would just keep happening. Finally, my breaking point was when it dropped a file named "New.dll" which was picked up by Avast as malicious. Now I knew somebody was messing with my head, but there is nobody in this house with enough knowledge of programming to even begin besides well me.

It ended last night. For the first true time, I had the thing in my sites, but the owner of the house and even the computer that this was happening to asked me a simple question. I do not lie to him, as I have far to much respect to do that. His question was "Can you kill it?". I did not wish to kill it, but of course the answer was and always has been yes. Easily in fact. You can guess his responce to that, but yeah, he wanted it gone. He said somthing about taking the high road, and that was the end of it. I copied all of my important files, deleted the account, and created a new one.

I have not seen the malware sense, but my reaction was that of a child. I was so pissed at myself that I could not think byond that. At all. I felt like I had LOST, and that was not somthing that I was willing to stand for.

The lesson is this. If you get your chance to kill somthing malicious, do so without thinking about it. And I do mean it the way it sounds, squeeze the trigger without letting your pride get in the way. I am pretty sure that cynthia did not like the way that I reacted, and had I not been trying to extract and decompile this thing, I probably wouldnt have reacted that way in the first place. Victory and everything else before pride.
Will have a youtube channel up soon. Link will be here if I remember.
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