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Default Re: I believe the correct term is "Owned"

lee enfields are awful to shoot... the kick back on those is terrible! lol

their also annoying to do guard with, heavy things... a 5 hour parade with a lee enfield is bad... im glad ive left cadets now... lol

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Default Re: I believe the correct term is "Owned"

Lee Enfield? Your cadet contingent must have been stuck in the War or something. I think my contingent was the biggest in Britain (or one of them at least), and even though our kit was rubbish, we still had modern weapons.

We had L98's and LSW's. The LSW was utter crap - jammed after about 4 shots each time.

I've fired an L96 sniper rifle, driven a 14ton lorry with lifting gear, ridden in an AS90... those days were fun. But I've had enough of the army.

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Default Re: I believe the correct term is "Owned"

Originally Posted by mammikoura
lol that's great.

But that thingy doesn't match OICW. It's wallhack is even more advanced. It's a shame that USA had to cancel (or they said that they cancelled) the Landwarrior project, mostly because the gear (and OICW) were just too heavy. That is one huge and super good hi-tech gun.

Damn if I'd have lots and lots of money and could get an OICW from somewhere I definitely would.
That's because it's unpractical. It's a neat gun, but just too unweildy in battle.

They're going with the XM-8, which is awesome because it's a modular system, so you can modify a single XM-8 into many variants. Heckler & Koch is awesome...

I think theres some lawsuit going on though...something about Colt's contract with the Army and this and that...bleh.

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