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Question .


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Default Re: Hydrogen Peroxide (3%)

I'd get a doc to look at that. Or do something to help it stop because I think too much hydrogen peroxide can do damage.

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Default Re: Hydrogen Peroxide (3%)

Go to a doctor not a computer forum
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Default Re: Hydrogen Peroxide (3%)

Doctor,or spray some eucanol on it.
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Default Re: Hydrogen Peroxide (3%)

Hydrogen peroxide in excessive amounts (like your using) causes damage to skin. It's not ideal for this situation as it can cause skin to heal real slowly. Using it occasionally works.

Ibuprofen (Advil) is fine to take to reduce pain (If you had any) and swelling. Because you don't feel it hurting it won't do much at all for you. That doesn't look too severe so you may want to look at epson salt baths for the foot and over the counter topical antibiotics such as neosporin or polysporin, also some are available with lidocaine which is really safe and reduces pain (If you were experiencing any).
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Default Re: Hydrogen Peroxide (3%)

I use to get those all the time. The reason you get the, is becasue you clip your nails WAY to short. This is what the doctor told me. When i got them, the doctor had to cut the ingrown toe nail out.

Then he told me to get STRAIGHT edged clippers, and not cut so short.

In other words, go to the doctor bro.
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Default Re: Hydrogen Peroxide (3%)

definitely amputate that thing....
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Default Re: Hydrogen Peroxide (3%)

I had that done when I was a kid. Didn't hurt one bit and it was over in 90 minutes. They use little hair fine needles to administer the Novocaine and after that you feel a little pressure as they do their thing.
All they do is cut the nail down both sides and remove the edges. In my case they trimmed off a little of the flesh on both sides to make a better shape. They did the right first week and the left the next week.
If you imagen a curved shield with a round top that is smaller than the rest, you get an idea of what your toenail looks like if you cut it round or too short. Those top corners are what's digging in and giving you grief.
Go to a foot specialist and have it done. After it heals up in a week or so you'll be damn glad you did. Trust me, I've had happy feet for over 40 years now. It does require a little maintenance and they'll show you what all to do.
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Default Re: Hydrogen Peroxide (3%)

It's not the ingrown toenail I'm worried about, I just wanna know if the burned out skin on the right is anything to worry about. It doesn't hurt at all when you apply pressure to it... will it heal itself?

I don't really feel like it's serious enough to have to go to the doctor over (not talking about the ingrown toenail here, I've been there plenty of times for that), the skin looks all weird but it doesn't hurt.

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