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Default Homeless Veterans


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Default Re: Homeless Veterans

Very true.
I wouldn't say, however, that the Government is uncaring, I would say the Military is. When I went through TAPS (which is what you go through when you're getting discharged) they tell you to put "No" where it asks if you plan to seek aid after discharge. If you select No, then you are ineligible to receive aid from the Government... (from what was explained to me). I was lucky and selected yes anyway. I get a lot of assistance from the Goverment and know that there are MANY programs out there for Veterans of foreign wars. They just have to ask for the help and be active in treatment for their war related ailment.
It is still sad though to see the state of many of the Veterans. I go to a group therapy session for Iraq war veterans and it always ruins my day. It's great to be around people that understand the hardship of returning from war, but it's hard to see brothers in arms that are now fighting for their life in a country that doesn't understand and has no sympathy. For example: I know a few veterans who have extreme anger issues now due to the war and can't keep a job. It's not their fault that they are unable to keep employment and an employer can't be expected to keep an employee that causes problems violently, but that's just the way it is and it's a sad situation. I'm able to barely maintain my cool just because of the 90 meds they have me on but they don't work for everyone. Like you stated, not looking for a hand out, just a hands up.

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Default Re: Homeless Veterans

I'm at a home here in Louisiana. While I have no drug or alcohol issues, never did, I have something that drives me away from loud noises and groups of people. I was told to say I have PTSD and go for the money. I thought about it and decided since being out of the Navy for so long I had already mastered my emotions. It was not for me to take away funds and treatment for some one that really needed that sort of help.
My game plan for the short term is to get back to Atlanta and get job and housing squared away. The long range goal is to get with others that have a realistic desire to help veterans. I'd like to start a home for veterans that would be state of the art in housing and care. Simple rules the residents would have no trouble understanding. And an on premise cafeteria. With honest to God real food.
But that takes money and I have to prove to others that the system works by using me as my prime example. I stumbled but I got back up and ran for a touchdown. Now I want to help others get up and run for the goal line.

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Default Re: Homeless Veterans

It would be pretty amazing if you started something like that. You've been working your way back up, I'm sure you could help others do the same.
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Default Re: Homeless Veterans

Veterans issues are getting more seen by media nowdays. Even in Canada, they don't treat them right. There's a guy I remember that can't work anymore, due to some mental trauma, and he got something around 160K max. You think that's a lot, but the guy's young, and most of us will spend more than that in a decade.

Veterans do need to be treated right, remove the homless one out of the street, and support the ones who gave you freedom.
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