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Old 05-10-2008, 01:26 PM   #1
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Default Holy crap...

The Disturbed/Art of Dying/Five Finger Death Punch concert last night at Sloss Furnace was amazing. Best concert I've been to yet. The concert started at 8pm so we left my house at around 3pm, stopped and ate and arrived at the venue around 6pm. There was already a good line ahead of us, we waited in line and after a quick pat down by security we were in the Sloss Furnace compound, around Halloween Sloss Furnace is one of the biggest haunted houses in the South, it's a good location...it's a old steel mill from Alabama's hayday as a the leading steel producer, it's also believed to be haunted as several workers have died, and one was murdered there. The rest of the year it doubles as a concert venue. It's pretty sweet.

Anyway after we got through the gate this is where they had the merchandise tent, refershment tent and restrooms set up. We waited out there for about 15-20 minutes before they opened the gate into the venue. People were in a line in the middle of the path, the merchandise tent was kind of ahead of the line and to the right...me and my friend Eric were looking at the merch tent when they opened the gate. I hear someone yell "WHOSE READY FOR SOME DISTURBED??" and then the people ahead of us started running so me and Eric run, you have to run up a flight of steps to get in the venue, so everyone funnels into the main set of steps. I see a smaller side set of stairs that go tot he same place, me and Eric run up there and are ahead of everyone so we run down to the front row and grab the rail

It started to get packed, we held our spot the whole night though, we were less than 10 feet from the stage, we were in the right hand corner of the venue in front of the amps, man was I glad I had my ear plugs. It was loud...but kick ass

We waited for about 30 minutes while they set the drums and on stage amps up then the music started

-Art of Dying opened first, they were pretty good...rather light compared to the other bands, a few of their tracks are good. Particularity "Inside It's Raining" and "Get Through This", heh last night was also their first concert in Alabama.

-Five Finger Death Punch was next, I started listening to their stuff before the concert so I could see what their into, they are now up there with some of my favorite bands. They were pretty heavy compared to Art of Dying and they are heavier than Disturbed in their music I'd say, they played alot of stuff from their Way of the Fist album. They're awesome live.

-Disturbed played last...holy crap, they are awesome live. They opened playing "Prayer" then it progressed into "The Game", "Fear", "Stupify", "Deify", "Land of Confusion", then 2-3 others I didn't know from their old album then they played "Inside The Fire" (from their new upcoming album) and closed. People started screaming "ENCORE! EN-F****N CORE!" or "PLAY DOWN WITH THE SICKNESS!" after 5-6 minutes of screaming, clapping and stomping they came out and played "Stricken", then another one from their new album and then...Down With the Sickness. The crowd went wild when they started the intro, I have never seen so many raised fists in my life, I'm a kind of tall guy so I could look back and see over everyone and looking back behind me to the back was amazing...over 2,000 raised fists in the spot lights was cool as hell, defiantly one of the coolest things I've ever seen....period.

Heh on the LAST chorus of Down With the Sickness I turned around and asked the dude to pick me up so I could crowd surf...he got under one arm and picked me up then then all the dudes around him lifted me up and I started shag-assing toward the back of the venue. I went about 150-200 feet toward the back when I look down to see these three rather short girls, they didn't really see me coming and since there was no guy right there with them to keep me up...I kinda sat on them. All I heard "ahhh! the hell?" but by now the men behind them have got me back up and are carrying me on my merry way until out of nowhere one guy grabs me, spins me around and literally throws me back toward the front...I pick up speed and in what felt like 5 seconds I'm back at the front going over the rail into the arms of a waiting security guard...he grabs me, pulls me away from the stage and sends me up a ramp back into the concert...where I enjoy the last 30 seconds away from the front row Crowd surfing felt amazing.

All in all it was one of the best days/concerts of my life so far


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Default Re: Holy crap...

Haha awesome. Ear plugs?

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Old 05-10-2008, 04:51 PM   #3
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Default Re: Holy crap...

Sounds like it was a great night.
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Default Re: Holy crap...

disturbed are amazing live... seen them once, and hopefully seeing them next month

from when i saw them.. very, very good live
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Default Re: Holy crap...

Madness! Cant Wait until im over 18 so i can see some decent bands live
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