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Default Help improving documentation

Hi there,

Iím running a business consultancy office in Toronto. Iím here to get some suggestion to share and edit files like google doc. Currently, we are using shared docs and google drive to update and enter the details of the clients. Recently I read a blog (https://www.unipointsoftware.com/blo...ata-importing/) which says about important aspects of data importing. I want to know more about this technique and want to implement in our business. This may help to improve the quality and output of our work. Has anyone tried this? Please share your experience implementing this.


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Default Re: Help improving documentation

If you're wanting to implement this, you're likely looking at writing code. Some other members may know how to perform some of this using the services you described, but that blog is more targeted towards app development.

As an example;
Around four years ago I wrote a marketing tool that built dynamic SQL selects. Those selects were based on supplied parameters by the user. What this project did was take this input and generate a select statement to go grab data and send it off to affiliates. So if in their feed, they wanted to show price and product landing page, they had to be able to select these fields or specify them somehow. If they entered something that didn't exist, the select returns 0 rows.

So, I had to validate the input somehow. I provided a list based on database rows (a table defining selections with corresponding select parts).

What if they need to change it? And who gets to?
I had to create a Active Directory user group that specifies who has access to this tool. I allowed the option to delete feeds, but they were never actually deleted. I just set a database bit flag field when they wanted to delete it. If the flag was set to 1, it wouldn't show on their list, but I could still see the record as it still existed in the database.

Re: easy import/export
How do you get your data in/out easily? If you validate your input then you should know that N fields are going to transfer to Y tables without issue. If you control who has that access, then you can ensure your user base is properly trained (which doesn't mean they won't break it... just less likely to).

All the concepts are supportive of each other and while independently implemented, become complimentary in the end.

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Default Re: Help improving documentation

I'm don't have any experience with what you mention, but Microsoft SharePoint gives the ability to restrict permissions, checkin/checkout files to edit them if that's what you're after.
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Default Re: Help improving documentation

that blog refers specifically to data going into a database program, (that's why it references data warehousing.)

what you have is documentation, that's different. (of course it is still necessary to ensure that's accurate and properly controlled!)
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