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Default Re: Hacker Down

Orders wouldn't go AS high as teh preisdent but they'd go high enough to make teh threa tof that danger like null. Also yes, I don't see teh CIA hiring him. He wasn't good enough he got caught.

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Default Re: Hacker Down

Everybody has there bad days. He might have got caught, but if he really wanted to do damage, do you not think he could've? He got very far and into tonnes of machins before he did get caught. And the CIA has did this before (in other areas too, such as cheque fraud, where the fraudster eventually gets caught, but get of free if they work with the CIA and in collaboration with banks to prevent Cheque fraud). Perhaps they'll train him or a software security firm would be interested.

If he was to do such a thing, he wouldn't have to serve his jail sentence, brobably a very loose one anyway.

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Old 01-26-2006, 05:34 AM   #23
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Default Re: Hacker Down

I think some people are getting the wrong, Hollywood induced impression of hackers.... Hackers just write and edit code; they aren't tools. They are sort of like the Jedi of the computer world. They could be bad and write mal (proper greek root?) code, or they could make a living (legally) off of their abilities. It's not like a "omgz a hacker got into my computer" type of thing. When I say hacker I don't automaticly think of a Agent-Smith looking computer nerd that sits behind a computer and "hacks" passwords onto global corporations. That's something you'd see in a Hollywood movie, like "Hackers", where a bunhc of kid nerds try to do something illegal. That's the sterotypical view on the Hacker.

So, in short, for all of you who think hackers are all computer ninjas that steal accounts, they are not. They simply write and edit code.

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