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Default Re: Got in a fender bender

Originally Posted by DJ-CHRIS View Post
You should feel bad getting in an accident, its unnecessary and this is entirely your fault. I've been driving for 4 years without an accident, and one of my parents drives everyday and has never had an accident.
you must drive very slowly... JKJKJKJK

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Default Re: Got in a fender bender

Here's my rearend job...I posted it a while back. It happened at the end of April.

Rearended a pickup truck

When all else fails...Ham Radio!

I still have the same old HP DV9700T laptop I've had for years...still kickin'
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Default Re: Got in a fender bender

You should have seen the Miata my friend backed into with his F-150... Smashed the trunk in a couple feet... his truck has a scuff on the bumper about twice the size of a quarter.
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Default Re: Got in a fender bender

Like Cabbs said, you've probably gotten a lot of shit over it, but just make sure you've learned your lesson, be careful and be more observant in the future. Accidents happen and when you're young you tend to be more cavalier when you drive. Don't be. Take driving seriously because people can and have died from "accidents".

Originally Posted by MikeReiner View Post
Feeling bad is better than what some prick that hit me did. One year in the school parking lot somebody rear ended me (I wasn't even moving..) and he makes up some bullshit excuse like his brakes are bad. Man, I would think better of him if he just straight admitted he screwed up, rather than being a douchebag and place blame on something else.
Yeah, tell me about it.

There was this one time I was coming home at around 12 at night and right as I was making a left hand turn into the driveway of the townhouse complex there was this Accord that was waiting to make a left hand turn (from his POV). So I was like, "okay I have right of way" so I start turning into the driveway and as I'm about halfway through the turn, the genius in him (some middle aged guy, probably around 45-55 years old) decides that HE can go. So his front left bumper bumps RIGHT into my rear left bumper. Makes a somewhat loud bump noise, my rear loses grip and I slide a bit. So we both park and get out to exchange info and all the necessary things.

Right when I approach him I ask, "Hi, you alright? So, can I see your driver's license and proof of insurance?" Then he asks why and I tell him that it was his fault cause I had the right of way and he came out and hit me. What he said after actually took me by surprise a bit cause it was just so random, but he was like "you know, for that much noise, the damage ain't too bad!" So I'm thinking to myself "what the random? Okay..." I just tell him, "yeah it wasn't, so can I see your info please?" After that he was like "say, are you in college yet? Cause I was looking at those Mission College catalogs today and they have some pretty interesting classes!" At this point I'm just like "Sir, the accident was your fault, I had right of way and you failed to observe that, now let me see your information or I WILL call the police to settle this." Luckily some Mexican dude pulled up in his pickup with his girlfriend next to him and said he witnessed the whole thing. So he helped me get everything all settled. Got the guy's info, sent him the bill for a new E36 bumper two days later and got that finished.

God, I hate people who have no integrity and just try to blame something else and can't face the consequences. If he straight up admitted the fault was his and gave me his information I would've been a lot nicer.

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