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Old 10-05-2005, 05:18 PM   #1
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Default Google earth

Anyone tried this program? Its real good!

[url=http://www.LNXPS.NET]LNXPS.NET - The XPS Library]
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Old 10-05-2005, 05:21 PM   #2
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Default Re: Google earth

It's pretty neat, actually!

Problem is there's many blackspots where Google don't have the satellite photos yet, hopefully they'll fix that in good time.

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Old 10-05-2005, 05:26 PM   #3
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Default Re: Google earth

Yeah, been using that for a while. It's really great when you get a high-res area, then you can zoom to the point were you can see cars and people.
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Old 10-05-2005, 07:26 PM   #4
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Default Re: Google earth

my house is in a high-res area and i think its frigen creepy!

my house is like 5 mins away from where the sydney 2000 olympics was. so like we are in the same image and i can see my mums car like parked outside my house and what not.... CREEPY I TELLS YA!
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Old 10-05-2005, 08:28 PM   #5
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Default Re: Google earth

Yes, absolutely!!! I downloaded that program like a month ago and loving it. The pictures are kind of old and some areas aren't showing too clear, but still neat to look at. I love it...
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Old 10-05-2005, 08:55 PM   #6
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Default Re: Google earth

The earth's GIS. A very big project and currently the best. The question is, will it never compromise national security?
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Default Re: Google earth

very nice, love it except that some pics(like my house) are over 4 yrs old.
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Old 10-05-2005, 09:07 PM   #8
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really nice, except they still need to update the hell outa some areas such as the Thunder Bay, Ontario area... it's really crappy, but I haven't found any black areas yet as somebody said before.

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Default Re: Google earth

Originally Posted by extendcradle
The earth's GIS. A very big project and currently the best. The question is, will it never compromise national security?
South Korea got mad at Google because it showed various touchy areas like the presidential manor, among other places. I don't know if and how they resolved that, but basically, if a satellite can see it, it's on there (though I'm sure the United States government got its grubby hands on it first to edit out what they wanted).
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Here's a load of coordinates for Google Earth, a lot of Australian ones that are first cab off the rank.

Suncorp Stadium Brisbane -27.4647597708, 153.009400575

Brisbane Botanic Gardens -27.4749635763, 153.030282652

Southbank Brisbane -27.4792732855, 153.023799894

Lake Eyre, SA: 28°25'54.07"S, 137°16'25.27"E

The Olgas, NT: 25°17'50.45"S, 130°45'18.67"E

Steep Point (Most Western point of mainland Australia), West Australia: 26° 9'48.97"S, 113° 9'10.98"E

Cape Byron (Most Eastern point of mainland Australia)New South Wales: 28°38'6.18"S, 153°38'14.40"E

Cape York (Most Northly point of mainland Australia) Queensland: 10°43'37.34"S, 142°28'22.35"E

Wilsons Promontory (Most Southerly point of mainland Australia) Victoria: 39°7'21.04"S, 146°23'6.93"E

Curtin University, WA: 32° 0'21.06"S, 115°53'40.31"E

UWA, WA: 31°58'46.13"S, 115°49'2.05"E

Kings Park (focus on Memorial Monument), WA: 31°57'37.84"S, 115°50'36.53"E

iiNet, Perth, WA: 31°57'30.04"S, 115°51'54.54"E

Subiaco Oval, Subiaco, WA: 31°56'40.41"S, 115°49'46.48"E

Galleria Shopping Center, Morely, WA: 31°53'49.53"S, 115°53'56.15"E

Quit Motorplex, Kwinana, WA: 32°12'57.53"S, 115°47'20.76"E

Sea World 27°57'23.73"S, 153°25'30.94"E

Dream World 27°51'48.03"S, 153°18'51.64"E

Movie World 27°54'32.15"S, 153°18'35.00"E

Wet N Wild 27°54'53.32"S, 153°18'55.57"E

Mount Stromlo Observatory, Canberra, ACT: 35°19'11.73"S, 149° 0'30.21"E

Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex Tidbinbilla: 35°24'9.21"S, 148°58'53.87"E

Australian National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Parkes, NSW: 32°59'54.00"S, 148°15'47.00"E

Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA), Narrabri, NSW: 30°18'46.48"S, 149°33'52.00"E

Molonglo Observatory Synthesis Telescope, Hoskinstown, NSW: 35°22'14.50"S, 149°25'29.00"E

Mystery Tracks (View at 20 miles first) 27°49'22.32"S, 130°0'58.59"E

Parliament House, Canberra, ACT: 35°18'29.53"S, 149° 7'26.87"E

Olympic Park, Sydney, NSW: 33°50'51.05"S, 151° 3'59.85"E

Uluru, NT: 25°20'41.23"S, 131° 2'1.95"E


Brisbane: -27.3838538036S, 153.118738199

Armidale, New South Wales: -30.5285463474, 151.614149844

Sydney Airport (Domestic) New South Wales: 33°55'47.19"S, 151°10'51.35"E

Sydney Airport (International) New South Wales: 33°56'10.61"S, 151° 9'57.74"E

Adelaide Airport: 34°56'25.74"S, 138°31'52.44"E

Tullamarine Airport - Victoria: 37°40'10.99"S, 144°50'55.51"E

Learmonth Airport, Learmonth, West Australia: 22°14'23.89"S, 114°5'39.14"E

Perth Airport, West Australia: 31°56'37.63"S,115°57'53.56"E


Bolte Bridge - VIC 37°49'8.42"S 144°55'55.48"E

Jeff's Shed (Melbourne Exhibition Centre) - VIC 37°49'31.81"S 144°57'15.55"E

Telstra Dome - VIC 37°49'0.01"S 144°56'50.29"E

Westgate Bridge - VIC 37°49'46.63"S 144°53'53.57"E

Rundall Mall - SA 34°55'21.59"S 138°36'1.37"E

Cricket Grounds

MCG, Melbourne Cricket Ground, Victoria: 37°47'0.53"S,144°57'45.72"E

SCG, Sydney Cricket & Sports Centre New South Wales, 33°53'30.12"S, 151°13'30.39"E

The Gabba, Brisbane, Queensland: -27.4857833262, 153.037924719

The WACA, Perth, West Australia: 31°57'35.43"S, 115°52'45.81"E

Adelaide Cricket Ground, Adelaide, South Australia: 34°54'56.71"S, 138°35'47.25"E

Train Stations

Central Station - NSW 33°53'3.26"S 151°12'20.75"E

Gordon Station - NSW 33°45'21.53"S 151° 9'15.77"E

Hornsby Maintenance Railyards - NSW 33°41'34.37"S 151° 6'15.69"E

Hornsby Station - NSW 33°42'9.91"S 151° 5'54.39"E

Pennant Hills Station - NSW 33°44'16.41"S 151° 4'20.75"E

Redfern Station - NSW 33°53'30.86"S 151°11'54.07"E

Strathfield Station - NSW 33°52'18.08"S 151° 5'39.30"E

Turramurra Station - NSW 33°43'55.77"S 151° 7'41.50"E

Wahroonga Station - NSW 33°43'3.08"S 151° 7'0.95"E

Waitara Station - NSW 33°42'35.53"S 151° 6'14.92"E

Warrawee Station - NSW 33°43'26.61"S 151° 7'17.58"E

Spencer Street Station - VIC 37°49'5.46"S 144°57'7.84"E

Adelaide Train 34°50'53.00"S, 138°34'46.00"E

Puffing Billy Railway. Station, Belgrave: 37°54'27.00"S, 145°21'23.50"E

Emerald: 37°56'01.00"S, 145°26'21.00"E

Cockatoo: 37°56'05.25"S, 145°29'29.00"E

Gembrook: 37°57'07.00"S, 145°32'57.50"E

Various Stuff

US spy base at Pine Gap Northern Territory (crappy res): 23.7986106873 S, 133.736953735 E

Exmouth (W.A.) Echelon listening station : -21.8157200789, 114.165839726

Two crappy Collins-class subs at Fleet Base West Australia: -32.23036455941781, 115.6891597639361

Central Mount Stuart, NT: 21°58'3.14"S, 133°29'39.18"E

Henbury Meteorite Craters, NT: 24°34'23.95"S, 133° 8'55.25"E

Spirit of Tasmania Car & Truck Ferry docked at Station Pier, Melbourne: 37°50'36.41"S, 144°55'54.71"E

2nd Commando Company, Fort Gellibrand, VIC: 37°52'9.79"S, 144°54'22.69"E

Lightning Ridge Opal Mining Area, NSW: 29°25'41.00"S, 147°58'44.66"E

St Kilda Adventure Park, Adelaide: 34°44'31.74"S, 138°32'6.78"E

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