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Old 04-25-2005, 04:37 PM   #11
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Default Re: Glad to be back, And it's summer at last!!! Whey Hey!!

LOL, even through Braveheart was a half decent movie that showed a bit of how it was, It isn't historically correct. One part is that King Edward died many years after capturing William Wallace. Oh, and at the Battle of Falkirk it was the Irish footmen that did most damage to the Scottish Army, they never sided with them there. There was some Irish mesonaries that sided with the Scots. We have the Welsh to thank there for refusing to fire there arrows!

Also, the Scottish heavy calvelry were made out to be traitors in the movie, they were not. By the time they were going to move in, the battle was already lost. It would have been a waste of Heavy force if they went in.#

But the Prince was gay, and he was the one who led the English into the battle of Bannock Burn. He died when his french wife shoved a hot fire poker up his arse, lol. That's nasty.

After that, things were fine once we won at Bannock burn and after King James of Scotland inherited the English Throne. All was peacefull, Untill that 4 foot prick came from Italy and tried to claim the throne. He started the Jacobite rebellion, where half of Scotland followed him, and the other was loyal to the British Monarchy. His army got slaughtered at the Battle of Colloden in the 1700's by the duke of Cuberland - Known as the Butcher.

From there it's kinda been kept the way it was, execpt at the annoyance of some, the present "English" queen was not Correnated the Queen of Britian nor Queen Elizabith the 1st of Scotland. Just the 2nd of England. So to be perfectly correct, the Monarchy shouldn't apply to Scotland as we never had a 1st Queen Elizabith.

Also, the Current Loyal family decend from very little British blood, they came from the German Hanover family, when it was outlawed to have a Catholic King or Queen in power (hence the rightfull king/queen were not aknoledged - a Stuaward, Scottish Decendant)

Anyway, theres a very very brief history of Britian. The United Kingdom, getting it's name from the Kingdoms of Scotland and the Kingdoms of England mergin together.

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Old 04-26-2005, 12:17 PM   #12
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Default Re: Glad to be back, And it's summer at last!!! Whey Hey!!

Welcome back, i don't even think i knew you were gone, i've been busy working ..

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You forgot to add, the "queen" isnt even of royal blood.

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