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Default Galaxy S Vs. iPhone 3G

So as most of you know I went from the iPhone 3g to the Galaxy s.

Well it's now time to tell you the problems I have had and what I have liked about it. I am not considering this a review, but a comparison from the 3G to the Galaxy S.

I have read and heard that the GPS on the Galaxy isn't that good, in my one time use of it I had no problems, but as I use it more I will update that.

The internet speed of the Galaxy S was blazing fast even on Edge, but now I would say it's roughly the same as the iPhone4, and not that much faster than the 3G.

I like how the texting looks on the 3G better, but the Galaxy S is more consistent in sending messages, only one failure and I was in pretty much a dead zone so I considered it reasonable. Although texting on the Galaxy seems to be easier and the auto-correct gives more options than the iPhone does.

The Email on the Galaxy is quite horrible, I am getting spam that dates back to 1969, I never once had that type of issue with the iPhone. Actually just as I typed this I got a Email from 12/31/1969. The iPhone sends emails a little slower, but I would take it over what the Galaxy is offering.

The camera is way way better on the Galaxy than the iPhone, but it also has around 3-4 mega-pixels if I remember correctly. Also I can take videos now without having to jailbreak my phone which is nice. I haven't taken any videos yet, but I may take one when I go to the dog park just to test it outdoors.

Multitasking is great, I never knew what I was missing out on with the iPhone. But ever since I got the Galaxy I jail-broke my iPhone and have multitasking on there, but it goes unused now.

All in all I would choose the Galaxy S over the 3G and 3Gs. But I did have the pleasure of borrowing my friends iPhone 4 for roughly 48 hours and I would have chosen that if I had the chance again. From what I have read on here and heard on the news I thought the iPhone 4 would be a huge failure, but the Galaxy S has more to be worked out than the iPhone.

So for anyone who is going to upgrade to a smart phone follow this order of phones which are all in the same price range roughly.

iPhone 3g<iPhone 3Gs<Galaxy S<iPhone 4.

I hope this comes in handy for someone, and if you have any questions or would like me to test anything else just let me know.

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Default Re: Galaxy S Vs. iPhone 3G

Seems like a good overview... You seem to be very honest. I would be tempted to be biased towards my own phone, I fear :P.

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Default Re: Galaxy S Vs. iPhone 3G

I would hope the Samsung Captivate is faster and more enjoyable to use than your iPhone 3G. That phone is about two years old - which is considered very old in the cellphone industry. That's equivalent to someone jumping from the original iPhone all the way to the iPhone 4, which is the exact same path I took.
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