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Default Re: Free accommodation..

assuming that you stay in Manc and don't mind living in a rough area you can probably live with a flat mate in a house share for less than that...

the best advice I can give to you if you're staying in Manchester is to check out student lettings, they are available all year round, you'll have the place to yourself throughout most of the summer, and they are incredibly cheap... + you'll never be stuck with a bad flatmate for more than a year!

you can probably find some god students lettings by checking out the local estate agents. and looking at some sites online, most universities will have a section or at least some links to help students find houses...

of course the downside to all of this is you have to live with students....

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Default Re: Free accommodation..

Originally Posted by joxley1990
Cut a long story short, im moving out..

Where can I get a really cheap place to live? I asked a guy at work, and he said if you go down to the jobcentre, and say you need a home, they give you one for free? He's a bit of a bullshitter, so it didn't quite seem right...

But yeah, shared, anything, I need somewhere to live..so where can I go?
Ok first of all, you don't just get a home, you have to say that your parents have thrown you out and they will contact your parents and verify this.

If you make yourself intentionally homeless then you are pretty well stuffed on the housing front.

It is a fallacy and untruth that you will be given a flat or a house, just like that, and well it definately won't be from the job centre plus, you would need to contact Housing at Manchester Town Hall, they will put you on a waiting list, and you will be scored according to your circumstances, depending on your score it will then move you up the priority list.

There is only some benefits which you are entitled to at your age, some of which count on you being in education etc, to be sure of what your eligible for and what your not, I would suggest contacting Manchester Advice, they will tell you everything you need to know and what you are entitled to in your situation.


In regards to renting, your college should have a list of accommadation available to rent, other then that I would suggest local papers, and letting agencies, there is a very good website which I used recently and I had about 20 offers of places to move into, some really nice places, others not so nice.

The website is www.flatmate.com

Just go to the area you want to live etc.

Other websites which can help are homes4u as they also have rental places. You will have to bear in mind that most agencies will do a credit check and look for the tenents to be over 18, and most private places won't be eager to accept under 18's because of the responsibility factor.

Most places in south manchester go for about £50-£110 a week, depending on what you are looking for, I know this because I have only just sorted my place out so it is all recent information.

Anyway catch me on msn if you want some more information

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Default Re: Free accommodation..

Thanks alot guys, especially root & joe..ill catch you later on msn joe..off to maths now

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