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Default Re: Fox Hunting: Keep the ban!

I should refraise my above statement to be... anyone whom uses an animal as a weapon to kill another animal (besides birds and fish I suppose) should get a taste of what it feels like. Anyone here ever been attacked by a dog? I was. Two of them, and it was when I was 11. Its a moment in history that I will never forget. I wont go into the details of my thoughts, because it would probably take as long to tell as it felt to me. The point is, one knocked me down from behind, the other got at my knee, while the first got at my butt. Trying to crawl away made it worse. I somehow managed to crawl to the nearest front door, and franticly banged on it for help. A very kind woman from across the street heard what was happening and came running out swinging somthing. It worked, and she dragged/carried me to her house. After calling 911 and then my mother, she went out to see if anyone else noticed. Nobody but her even knew what had happened. An ambulance came to check me out, and found that besides deep cuts I had no major damage. They patched me up and my mother took me home. I actually feel bad for the two dogs. I am sure that they where put down, but what I am more sure of is that they where treated in a very cruel way for far to long. I know this because I have owned more dogs in my life than I can count. I feel like dogs and I can read eachothers minds at this point, which is almost true.

TL;DR Being attacked by dogs is a horrible thing to happen to anyone, and I feel that its only the human trash that would use them to attack somthing unless they are being used as a partner for protection. In other words, I dont mind guard dogs, police dogs, ect. But dog fighting, and things like fox hunting make me sick.

... Sorry for the rant. I feel better now.

Will have a youtube channel up soon. Link will be here if I remember.
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Default Re: Fox Hunting: Keep the ban!

The current restrictions should be kept in place as far as I'm concerned.
If the fox population is getting too large to manage through relocation or even neutering then release, then a short season should be opened with required permits and tags. When you use up your tags your season is over.

Dogs will do what they're trained to do. I had a German Shepard partner that did what she was trained to do. When we came in from the field, she was just a normal friendly dog. But out in the bush she was my acoustical radar. You couldn't sneak up on us. I watched where she was looking and paid attention to where her ears were cocked. She was trained to kill on command but fortunately we never resorted to that. I could do it myself quietly with a compound bow and a wrist rocket.

The point I'm making is in packs like for fox hunting, the dogs will do as commanded and will keep doing that if encouraged or rewarded. If punished, they'll stop doing whatever they were doing. But fox hunters that use the pack method are like red neck good ol boys here in the colonies. Their dogs can do no wrong. They will kill you over their dogs.
Only buy increasing the ranger forces and training them not to back down, will that sort of hunting go the way of the dodo.

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