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Default Re: Four officers shot dead

i hate AOL news people post dumbest comments

Come on Black community help us out, you know we are really not the White Devil Crackers you think we are. We do realize that a greivous wrong was committed against your race. Speaking for my race as a "whole" we are penitent to the oppression and violence that was unleashed against the Black people of this country. Most of us walk on eggs in what we say and do out of fear of being misunderstood. Our races are at a crossroads now and your race most certainly has the power to do one of two things: Accept us by our actions that we are remorseful of what happened to your race and forgive us. Opition two, use every opportunity available to remind us of what corrupt, racist, hateful peope we are, refuse to ever think that we are basically good people waiting for that handshake of forgiveness so that we can work even harder to develop a bond with you as Americans with no color involved. A person or group can only apoogize so much and then after that they start to become resentful. This is starting to happen in this country and that is a harbinger of an all new era of racial tension. I would like all Americans to speak out in condemnation of this violent tragic act. Not resort to hateful comments and antics that seek to cause ALL to "run over the same old ground" Again. Get beyond color, get over the past, forgive, recognize positive change when it is there. STAND IN UNITY AS AMERICANS WHEN HORRID ACTS ARE CARRIED OUT AGAINST ANY RACE!!! It may not e easy and it may not yield positive results evertime we do it, but in the end it is the only way we are going to survive as a nation. United we stand, Divided we fall!!!

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Default Re: Four officers shot dead

Originally Posted by Teny View Post
What about if you were trying to protect a loved one?
I don't think the meaning of "eye for an eye" would come in to play for that one.

Eye for an eye is/was really only when you committed a crime out of self gain (fun, money, items, etc..) not self defense.

The only cases I feel that should come in front of a jury are crimes committed by the mentally challenged, children, and mentally ill.

Now, I believe a qualified person should be the person to judge whether the person is mentally ill and / or mentally challenged.


They got him

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