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Old 06-20-2005, 09:32 PM   #61
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Default Ok...

I have left a reply in the thread asking david to come to this thread and address your concerns.

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Default Re: Forum Etiquette for CN?

it's not really a concern, it's just a confusion, I mean I like to read small parts and ideas like that. I think that both the light and dark sde of hacking pay a huge roll in computer security issues...
To effectivly stop attacks I think you need to have a good understanding of the attacks that will be made, in short the term script kiddie just isn't descriptive enough,
buffer overflow sounds like a cool, but without the ability to talk in detail about what it is, how to form one and what it does you are pretty powerless to defend against it...
I'm not saying that the thread regarding hacking a contacts website is a good post, or that any security information can be gained from it.

(Although speaking from a web designers viewpoint a lot of infomation about how to build a better architecture to a site could be gained from finding our exactly how someone is hacking your site.)

however I think that the "how to hack Yahoo" threads are often important from a security point of view, because they are often social engineering tricks that involve sending passwords to an official sounding account. people need to be informed that this is not the way to hack a yahoo account, (I mean rather than the thread just locked and deleted -with member banned). people need to be informed that there are many more ways to get to you than simply attacking the yahoo or hotmail servers, most of the time the weakest part of the security is the people.

I understand that from a leagal view point, this forum can't very well be explaining exactly how to hack things, but somewhere in enforcing this it's gotten to what could only be called a strange stage where the answer to most questions asked is to quote the warnings on the board title.

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