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Default Flash game cheats

I'm bored, and I just posted this on another forum so, if any of you are bored here's a good way to pass the time..

For people who want to *cheat* in VbArcades with highscore boards.

There are many programs and ways to do this, either editing your score directly, editing the game for enhanced play, or packet editing. The only way im going to teach you is editing your score directly, because you can easily do it threw a noob program like cheat engine, where as editing the game would require a dissasembler with better capabilites than CE and a pretty good understanding on ASM. Packet editing *might* be considered illegal and its a noob way of doing it anyways.

Your going to need Cheat Engine 5.1, any web browser, and about 5 minutes. You can get Cheat Engine 5.1 here: http://www.cheatengine.org/download.php

Install, get it running, go to a flash game in your fav. web browser, personally I use firefox but i've done it on IE aswell.

In the top left corner of Cheat Engine there is a glowing image of a computer, click it, select your process from the window ( I used firefox.exe ) and then click ok. Go to your game, score some points or something, then go back into CE, on the right side there is a "Enable Speedhack" checkbox, check it, set speed to 0.1, leave sleeptime alone, and click the Set Speed button.

This will slow your game down enough to give CE enough time to find your adress. Take your current score, put it in the textbox under Value:, scan type should be Exact Value, Value type should be Double, and the hex box should not be checked, click first scan. This could take anywhere from 5 seconds to 5 minutes, depending on the size of your game. After its done with its scan you may or may not see adresses in the left box, ignore them for now. Go back into your game and do something to change your score. Put the new score in the Value: textbox and click next scan. there should be only 1 adress holding that value, if theres more don't worry about it just do this to all of them.

Double click it and it will be sent to the bottom box, once it is there right click it and right click > change record value.

Put your desired score into the textbox, then click ok. Go back to the game and do whatever you need to do to get the score sent. Congratulations.

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Default Re: Flash game hacking

kinda cool if your bored..

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Default Re: Flash game cheats

This defeats the whole purpose of wasting time and trying to beat a highscore on a pointless game!
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Default Re: Flash game cheats

pointless games deserve pointless hacks XP

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