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Default Re: Fish tanks

Originally Posted by ArrizX View Post
Thats no good.

Yeah, I would like to buy a new heater. This one doesnt look very .....quality.

It does keep a nice temperature though. I have one strip that says temperature that I dont like to read. so I got another one you can see in the upper right hand corner that works great. Temp is at 82. I keep adjusting it down every hour trying to get to the 78 range.
Your tank looks very nice. I used to have a fish tank, it was a 10 gallon and I had an angel fish in there with a catfish and a clown loach. I'm thinking about getting a 30-55 gallon tank as the bigger sizes are easier to maintain.
A good heater won't run you too much and it's worthwhile in the long run as it will last longer than a cheap one will. Also here are some suggestions to avoid problems I had when I had my fish tank:
*Get an ammonia test kit. They don't cost much and they'll save you in the long run. Having high ammonia levels can kill your fish and it also emits a foul odor. A good kit should run you no more than 10 bucks or so. Also buy some ammonia reducer. You'll be glad you did if you ever need it.
*If you don't have one, get an algae eater to get rid of algae and keep the bottom of the tank clean. If you get one and never see it, that's normal because they tend to come out at night. Look for a mini plecostomus and get one, I say get a mini because the standard plecostomus can get over a foot long while the mini will be 3-5 inches. If you don't want one or don't have room, just get some algae treatment and put it in your water every so often. Trust me, it's worth it because once you get algae it's a pain to get rid of.

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Default Re: Fish tanks

i have a small 10 gallon tanks, i have 3 angelfish, 3 red tetras, and 4 other fish whos name currently eludes me

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Default Re: Fish tanks

Got a 10 gallon in my dorm.

Live plants, 2 brick swordtails, 2 Corydalis, 2 male guppies and a Dwarf Powder Blue Gourami

Pics to follow...

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