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Default Re: Ff 2!

Originally Posted by UK31337
1) Konqueror on Linux is a heap of crap. But it's had a spell checker since KDE 1.0 from however many years ago. So you can hardly say that Firefox has reinvented the wheel. And I really don't think that a built-in spell checker is really going to undo some of the hideous spelling and grammar errors I see on forums all over the Internet, day in day out. And what's the point in using it to check the spelling of somebody else's website? The whole point of a spell checker is so that you can correct your own spelling, if you stumble onto some site which was written by an illiterate then it's useless to you if you can't change any of their content.

Also, close button on every tab? Big deal. IE7's had that since its first Alpha release. Camino on Mac OSX has it, as does Safari ever since Mac OSX was even released 5 years ago. Once again, Firefox has stolen another feature from somebody else and hailed it as some kind of revolution.

2) Saying it's better because it's Firefox is like saying that it's better because it's Apple, or better because it's free. That's just bias and fanboy hype, there is no founded basis in your statements at all. I could say it's better because it's Nazi, or it's better because it's got a red bit instead of a blue bit, but it doesn't make it so.

I'm sick of Firefox fanboy arguments - it's all unfounded rubbish and hype, with no actual proof or statistics backing it up. Google "firefox sucks", "firefox myths", "firefox rubbish", "firefox shit", and you'll see exactly what I mean when I say it's far from perfect... users all over the world are pissed off, and it never seems to improve with any different version I use.
You do bring up some good points. The Phishing filter was already in IE7 and FF2 seems to have gotten the idea from them. The close button on tabs is in all the browsers you mentioned as well as opera. The only "new" thing I see in firefox is the spell checker. Sure firefox is better than IE6, but is it really better than IE7? I think not because Firefox seems to have more vulnerabilities since it began gaining more market share. I'm not a fan of either and I probably won't use either as my primary browser. They both eat up too much memory and they both run kinda sluggish on my PC and I don't see what the hype about either one is.

Desktop: Dell Dimension E510, 2.5GB RAM, Intel P4 3.0GHZ, 250GB HDD, Windows Vista Premium. Might not be the best, but the old girl is still running good.
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Default Re: Ff 2!

But Spellchecker was made in Konqueror first. A quite good browser IMO

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Default Re: Ff 2!



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