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Default Re: Fatal wreck at work

Originally Posted by 88 View Post
That's definitely not true. Parents do not always know best. They are people like you or me and they make mistakes. Maybe they disallowed their daughter from seeing her b/f as much as she wanted to so she resorted to this in order to see him. It was just unfortunate that she happened to get in an accident and die. She did not predict it and she definitely did not want to do this to her parents. We all do stupid things at some point in our lives and well, some just pay for it in the worst form imaginable.
Thats very well put. I agree if her parents did let her see him then this whole ordeal may have been avoided completely. Although they could of had very good reasons for keeping her away from him.

At any rate she brought it on herself. I've done many stupid things in my past and looking back now I feel like a complete idiot. I was lucky on more than 1 occasion. Sad she won't have the opportunity to learn though.

ArrizX right now i'm a detail mechanic so I do unit prep, detail work, and reclamation and salvage. I was not actually on seen for this wreck though. It happened near the end of my shift. So they had the day shift crew in a bit early to go get are equipment etc. I was actually glad I wasn't involved with this one since there was a fatality. There were a few state cops, the department of transportation and several others going over log books, checking are equipment etc making sure all are equipment was up to code. Thank God they found nothing wrong with anything cause that would not have been good.

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Default Re: Fatal wreck at work

I feel bad for the parents, but if the girlwould have listened to the parents, it could have saved her life. She decided to go against the decision and look what she ends up into...especially deciding to fall asleep in a COMPLETELY wrong place.

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Default Re: Fatal wreck at work

Ah, I feel sorry for the girl and the parents.
The girl was just doing what she felt was right, and you know what it can be like if you have someone you want to spend time with.

I know the parents didn't like the guy she was with, but its for the daughters to find out for themselves in my opinion, so if they were more relaxed, she wouldn't have felt the need to hide the fact she went out
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Default Re: Fatal wreck at work

Man I hate hearing stories like that, may the lord be with them.

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