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Default Eugenics for a better world

Why did my thread get closed? What rule did I brake? Exactly no rule broken. Why should my thread get closed how is it my fault some 1 comes and spams it? Shoudlnt he be the 1 who gets punished not me?

Eugenics my dream for a better world
To those who did the best to help me with my broken computer thanx, for those who didnt because they thought I was hacking ur pricks. I had to spend 80 dollars to fix it and i dont have much money.

My sn is lordlactose if you are intereste din joining the movement or helping pm me and i will talk to u on aim.

Frank Miller's view on Eugenics.

Humane Eugenics. Preventing people from having kids rather than killing them. Not based upon race but rather achievement.

For example: Just because one person drives down a street and crashes (Third Reich) due to bad driving. Doesn't mean everyone has to. Just make a totally different car and drive it completely different than the Nazis.

This is just what I think as an example don't let slight loop holes distract from the main point. In the end the details will be up to the voters who pick the senators. The senators will come up with the details. Which ensures it will represent the masses and the majority will be happy. If leaders are corrupted (nearly impossible for 51 out of a 100 to be corrupted) just elect new ones.
You can't have kids if:

-A person or family with Less than 10,00 dollars a year.
-A disease one inherits at birth and will be passed on to their children
-People arrested more than once for felonies

Remember my mind alone is not even close to being capable working out all the details. That will be up to the voters.

Will not ever be corrupted or abused in a republic or democracy for obvious reasons. Republics and democracy's are reflection of what the people want if they are dissatisfied they can just elect new officials.

Eugenics will prevent human suffering by preventing the horrible life of having a disease or disability. It will lower the amount of people abused and raised in rough environments. It will lower the amount of people living in poor homes and being frustrated from having low I.Q.s and having unhappy lives.

It will also lower crime rates and speed up evolution. Which will lead to a higher living standard. Which will enable humans to colonize outer space and escape the end of the world (due to asteroid, expanding sun, ect.)

Remember I am aware that a person who makes less than 10,000 a year does not necessarily have a low intelligence. It is not a 100% accurate but is darn close. And overall stopping people from having kids because they aren't shrewd enough to make more than minimum wage will improve the gene pool. People who do not fit the standards will be able to live happy lives just like everyone else. They just can't have kids.

This message is NOT anti religious or prejudice. I have an equal respect for everyone on earth we are all human. I just want to spread a message that will improve the world for the better To those who fear Eugenics because they are unfit, be brave don't place your own small inconvenience before the fate of earth. I would also if I was deemed unfit by the senate due to having week lungs or other problems.

I am frank of age 17~ just beginning my own movement

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Default Re: Eugenics for a better world

No rule was broken, but I could tell it would end with flaming since it had started off on a bad foot, so it was closed. Same thing for this one. It's in your best interest not to make another one.

Just as a side note, he didn't spam up your thread.
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