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Default EDL and UAF to march in Luton, May 5th.

The EDL is marching in Luton this saturday, and the UAF (Unite Against Fascism) are going to be on the counter-offensive. whereas I wholly agreed with the EDL's message (Mission Statement | English Defence League) (Their REAL message), I detest the skin-head thugs who join the organisation specifically to A) spread racial hatred and B) start completely unjustified violence.

You can guarantee that the 'EDL Members' that show up will turn it into a violent brawl, and the UAF will take the moral high-ground, lick their wounds and spread the usual propaganda that all people opposed to islamofacism in the UK are violent thugs.

I'm a liberal by standing, but people like Anjem Choudary need to be sent somewhere else. If you want Sharia law you can go to Saudi as far as we care.

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Default Re: EDL and UAF to march in Luton, May 5th.

youd put your political support to a statement like that one , including things such as

The operation of Islamic courts, the often unreasonable demand that Islam is given more respect than it is due, and the stealthy incursion of halal meat into the food industry, all demonstrate that sharia is already creeping into our live
Do you really think there is a realistic and credible threat to the primacy of the current system of governance in the Uk . Is there balls , Parliament cant even come to some agreement as to how to reform an aging undemocratic house so its inconceivable that you are suddenly going to be able to convince them to allow for the primacy of sharia law . To be quite honest im offended that the EDL expect me to believe there is a credible risk of shria law being introduced into the UK anytime soon . As far as im concerned Muslim groups have just as much right to stage marches advocating sharia law as foxhunting advocates have .

The edl represents the same kind of neoconservative attitudes to preemptive risk that is apparent from the Bush doctrine and anybody who agreed with the EDL mission statement would be misguided to call themselves a liberal .furthermore the us vs them approach that edl takes towards the Muslim community is also a strong indicator of neoconservative ideology . liberalism is all about equality and that is not something the EDL would promote in my view .

The problem with people like ANjem Choudary is he is actually british born so you cant send him somewhere else he has just as much of a right to reside in this country as you or I . ANother problem with criticizing Choudary for his beliefs is that there is if you took a public opinion poll there would be a significantly large number of people who might agree with the reintroduction of the death penalty . Yet you wouldn't agree with sending them elsewhere would you surely as a lot of them are British born too ?It isnt right to just ship someone away because they hold views you dont agree with , that sounds quite a lot like fascism . Sure today we might all agree Islamic extremists should be shipped away but tomorrow the category of people who you ship away for disagreeing with you grows and grows

Not to mention the parts about allowing Muslims to 'reform islam'

That would be ridiculous to suggest . Nobody would for 5 minutes suggest that we should allow Catholics to reform their beliefs to fit in with modern society . No the pope is perfectly okay to spread his completely irresponsible message that the use of condoms is moral sin in spite of an aids epidemic in parts of the world .

That being said I think all UAF counter marches should be banned , not because i disagree with one side but for me it seems every time these two groups meet there is violence ,although the violence is not in every instance instigated by UAF the violence takes place because they are there and in some instances UAF themselves have been involved in inciting violence and carrying out acts of violence .

All protections afforded under the ECHR(save torture and the right to life) can legitimately be interfered with by the state and I would argue that in the interests of public protection all marches and counter demonstrations by the UAF should be banned because every time they counter demonstrate there is violence , the EDL should be allowed to peacefully carry out their marches(and in fact if what many say of the edl are true 'they are violent thugs' they will show this by not being able to carry out a peaceful march )

Unfortunately seeing as this would not make good headlines and is never going to happen the only reasonable alternative is to ban marches by both sides
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