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Default eBay

I've never really used eBay and I thought about trying it out because I saw a Socket 939 AMD 64 4200+ X2 Toledo (my last name =p) @ 2.2GHz (same one I have laying around) selling at 70+. How does it work? Highest bidder must pay? I pay shipping? I don't have paypal, how would I receive the money? Also I'm not quite sure whether my processor is working or not, never got a change to try it (got it from a friend). I'm going to to my best to get it tested. Say I, for some unknown reason, sell a faulty product, how do I go about returning the customer's money if I don't have paypal? Ship it? Yeah, from my paragraph you should be able to notice that I know nothing of eBay.

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Default Re: eBay

I stay away from anything electrical from auction sites. I pay everything through paypal when dealing with ebay. They own paypal now so I think you'll have to set up an account.

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Default Re: eBay

Highest bidder pays. Winner can pay all shipping costs if stated in your auction listing. You will have to apply for a PayPal account to sell on eBay.

Here's the information you need to know from eBay: Sell an Item - Getting Started
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Old 08-24-2008, 12:08 AM   #4
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Default Re: eBay

you can create a paypal for free as long as you are 18.
The money you get from Ebay will be transferred to your paypal account. But you cant transfer it to any bank unless you added a bank account.
But you can use the money in paypal to buy anything online.
If its faulty, then the guy might ask for a refund, and if he does, and you say no, then he might file a dispute where Paypal will decide by listening to yours and his story, and who ever is wrong, has to accept it, like if you are wrong, he is going to get all his money back, and about $10 to ship the product back to you.

Sometimes it might be best to say something like, not tested so no returns, or pulled out of an working hardware (if it was working).
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Default Re: eBay

I have no problem refunding the person if it's not working. There was a lightning strike at my house which fried my Dell's PSU. Then I sold the RAM to a friend but he returned it because it wasn't working. So I don't know whether the P4 is fried or not. As far as the processor I mentioned, the motherboard of that it came in was fried so I have no way of knowing whether it's working or not. And there's also 1GB of DDR RAM that I want to sell, came on the same computer as the socket 939, no idea whether it's working or not. I might go to a friends house to try it out. I can try the RAM and the P4, but not the AMD.

For the paypal account, because I don't have a bank account yet--waiting for greencard--Is there a way I can set up one for my dad (with his permission) and when I get my bank account and such change pretty much all information to become mine? Because meanwhile if I'm selling stuff I can build up a good record.
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