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Old 08-05-2010, 05:47 PM   #11
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Default Re: Dumb people

Originally Posted by Nik00117 View Post
Dealer paid $1,000 for unit 7 months ago sold said unit within that week.
Lady with bad credit comes in, agrees to a price of $3,500

She puts down $1,000 (covered the cost of the car) had 24 payments of $150 each she paid for 7 months car got repoed

She paid 2,050 dealer grossed $1,050 on the sale. In addition they sold the repo to a collection agency.


And bought another one this time she said she was smarter and bought a older used car then the first one and paid $2,500

Dealership paid $600 for the unit she put down $500 at payments of $100 for 24 months.

She also suspects she'll loose her job in a few months.

O yea the dealership will be taking her car THEY REPOED and reselling it for additional profit. Keep in mind at the moment this car owns them nothing...They already have a ROI on it. The next person that buys it will be pure profit.

This is how stealerships work.
Maybe she should have stuck to her budget and bought something cheaper that $3.5K

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Old 08-06-2010, 02:13 AM   #12
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Default Re: Dumb people

well dont i just feel American..

Just bought a 18,000$ truck,

15 Miles Per Gallon,

2.75$ a Gallon.... lol.

3.8L to a Gallon Mind you.

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Old 08-06-2010, 02:20 PM   #13
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Default Re: Dumb people

Everyone has to make a profit, some people are just sneaky and lowly about it. Why go back to the same dealer if it was clear they were ripping you off or being unfair in pricing? That is the nature of a Capitalist society. You have to be competitive or you won't make it in the "game" we call life. If their pricing is terrible and more come to realize it, they will fall and eventually close down.

Plenty of people sell cars. Dealers, private sellers, Auction centers, etc. As has been said, there's always a good deal out there. You just need to find it.

That said, I've got my eye on a car right now, but the guy is being stubborn and won't sell due to the car not turning over. I'm pretty sure it's the battery, old man
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Default Re: Dumb people

If you really don't like tax here in the UK, you could just buy a car older than 1974 - you subsequently get historic tax which is free, whatever emissions it spits out

In my area it's 115.9p for unleaded and 123.2 for super at the moment.

The petrol price I can deal with but the tax is ridiculous considering that the roads here are really bad.
Around the same here (got back from holiday to find it'd gone down by a penny, 114.9p.) Diesel is by far the more economical here though - it's only a couple of pence more (sometimes the same) and considering how many more miles on average you get out of it...

Sad fact is though there's no competition, if they charge more you have to pay more. There's not going to be a huge desire for anyone in the car industry (and certainly not the fuel industry!) to spend millions on risky projects with alternative fuels when they're still making plenty of money at present.

In terms of dealerships, yes they are a rip off but we all know that! People still go though because of the guarantees and suchlike you get with a vehicle purchased from there. It's fine if, like root and many others here you can diagnose faults pretty quickly and swap brake lines / discs / pads and suchlike out whenever they need replacing. If you're like me then the time it takes to read up on how to fit the things, get the right tools and fix them (not knowing how to alraedy) is pretty prohibitive.
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Default Re: Dumb people

I've met some people like that at work. A couple of months ago I had a lady come in wanting to buy a laptop on financing. So I filled out an application with her and she got accepted. I showed her a couple of laptops and she chose the most expensive one and took everything that I suggested that she get. The total came up to around $1500 on a $700 laptop which she had no problem with, I rang it all through and put her on a 3 month financing plan. As she was leaving then she told me that she'd be back in 3 months to buy an SLR. Today she came back and started complaining a ton about why she owed chase $1600 after she paid off most of the loan that she'd taken. It turned out that she hadn't read the terms and conditions and didn't know that there was a 30% per month interest rate if you didnt pay it off by the end of the term (the interest is applied to the starting total regardless of how much you've paid off).

She then went to customer service, paid off the entire balance and then bought a fully loaded SLR and got financing for it again!!!

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