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Default Re: Dumb but easy question, math related

To put it simple, a variable is something that you're trying to find or what is being tested. For example: 7X=56. X=8, you're trying to find X by testing numbers for the value of X until the equation is true. It would be false if you put the value of X at 7 or 9. In this case, you would be trying to find the number of white blood cells which as you said is the variable.

The definition does vary slightly from algebra and statistics in the fact that in algebra you're trying to find what the value for the variable is, where in statistics you're just simply looking for what is being tested.

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Default Re: Dumb but easy question, math related

Originally Posted by hascet View Post
7^2 is 49 not 14, 7*2 is 14.

But BGates is it asking for like independent variable and dependent variable? Independent is the variable that you change, dependent is what changes when you change the independent(its dependent on the independent.) I hope that makes sense to you...So in a math problem like x^2=49 the x would be the independent and the 49 would be the dependent since if you change x to a different number the answer(49) will change.
Doh. I should have paid attention to the signs. It's a good enough example anyway.

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