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Default Re: Duke Nukem Forever is back!

Originally Posted by MikeReiner View Post
Actually, when Gearbox was asked to take over DNF, they were asked to finish it and "port it consoles.."

That, and Borderlands wasn't that bad on the PC. Yes there was no console and it could have been better, but if you think that was a bad port, then you sir have not played very many ports.
Yeah, seriously. Just play any older Ubisoft ports. Good lord they suck. The games themselves are great on the consoles they were originally made for, but the PC ports are just horrible.

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Default Re: Duke Nukem Forever is back!

That's my point. Don't take a game made for a console and expect to force feed it to PC gamers. We (PC gamers) were here first*, consoles are just wannabes when they start porting games over to PC as an afterthought or cash grab. I'm not at all saying I'm against consoles as a whole, there are plenty of console games I've enjoyed over the years - but they were published FOR the console, not "oh hey, this could be fun on a console, but let's program and port it to PC after the console version anyway" - just stop trying to "cross license" the same BS. I generally don't touch games that have been "ported to" PC. Ported FROM is fine, because it would be oxymoronish of me to say you can't port from a PC, I don't know many programmers that use their X, Y, A, B, Left, Right keys to program an entire game. If folks want to get bent out of shape over that, fine - I still won't play a console port to PC unless they take into account MY control system, and not force me to use some asinine control scheme that was designed for the console first. I don't care if the game looks great, if I can't play it naturally, I don't want it.

...and why did I reply to a post that's already a few weeks out? Because I don't see it mentioned here that if you want to get in on DNF early, if you own a copy of Borderlands that you purchased on Steam, go to view your Borderlands CD Key and you'll find a DNF Early Access CD Key that you can use to register to gain, amazingly enough, early access to DNF.

* - I realize that statement, in general, is false, I'm referring to the advent of Console to PC porting that started the entire mess.

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