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Default Re: Doom 3 or Half-Life 2

Originally Posted by alvino
Doom 3 only looks "better" because they bump map everything like in Halo 2, but it gets kinda annoying. Doom 3 got really repetitive after the first few missions because the A.I. always attacked the same exact way. Imps always jumped out of nowhere. Zombies always walked out of dark corners. Ecetera, ectera....

Half-Life 2's weapons had innovation and creativity in them. Especially the Gravity Gun. It's probably the most versatile weapon ever. The A.I. and physics were good. The Combine and Zombies always attacked differently. Half-Life 2 had vehicles! Doom 3 left you walking on foot the whole time...

Doom 3 is a great game, but my vote goes to Half-Life 2

Now if Quake 4 would hurry up and launch...
OMG!! ALVINO! QUAKE 4!! PUT YOU AND I ARE GOING TO BE PLAYING A GAME 10X better the HL2 or and 100X better then DooM3!!

F.E.A.R! Remember to be on MSN at 11AM tomorrow EST!!

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Default Re: Doom 3 or Half-Life 2

Yes, Quake 4 will be the ownage! It uses the same graphics engine as Doom 3, so it will look graphically similar to Doom 3 (bump-mapping etc.).

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