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Default Re: Dogs that smell cancer?

Originally Posted by Kage View Post
As sick as it sounds InfectionZero has a point there, that if there was a cure, would it really come about?
Yes it would. Whatever company puts a patent on it and starts selling it would be rich as a mofo. Lol.

And I did a bit more research on Rife's principle (which is quite interesting.) It seems that it did work in controlled environments (on a microscope slide) but for it to work for a person, you would need the current to be run through the area where the cancer cells are. This means either a deadly current applied to the skin, or a much weaker, but still but still deadly (because it is run through the body which has much lower resistance than the skin) current run through a probe into the cancerous region.

Basically it is impossible to use in reality, but yes he technically did find a way to kill cancer.

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Old 06-03-2010, 04:23 AM   #22
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Default Re: Dogs that smell cancer?

cancer affects something like 1 in 4.

so you've got about a 25% chance of personally knowing someone who has cancer, or who had had cancerous growths, or who will develop cancer.

it's almost a certainty that you'll know someone who knows someone who has had, or who has died of cancer.

the same is true of these researchers. and indeed all people.

nobody will hold back a drug that cures a disease that can be deadly, and where the current treatments of the disease can be as if not more crippling and painful than the disease.

not only are there moral issues, there is also the what ifs to consider.

what if you stop that drug for the purpose of getting a little more profit then your child mother/brother/sister or even you get cancer and die.

nobody is going to stop the development of cancer cures, that 1 in 4 getting cancer statistic makes it an almost certainty that you'll be affected by cancer in some way. and when you are affected you don't want to know that you stopped the thing that could have stopped it happening.

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Default Re: Dogs that smell cancer?

And the chance of getting it seems to be rising.

Everything was fine for a few years in my Father's side of the family, nobody ever had cancer for many generations..

My Grandmother and Grandfather had 7 children (4 boys, 3 girls)

About 4 years back, my dad's father developed cancer, his was cured fine..

About a year and a half ago, my father developed 3 separate types of cancer... he recently died this past November

Now my aunt is suspected to have cancer also...

That is 3/9>>1/3 (out of the whole family) (Not including Grandparents brothers and sister who have developed cancer also)

A pretty big increase considering it was never really a problem in the first place.

I mean as far as a know it has been occurring a lot more often considering the 1960's-1980's

I understand sh*t happens, but does anyone else notice the sudden increase?
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Default Re: Dogs that smell cancer?

What's interesting is, if you ever get a chance to watch the movie "The Bomb," there's a quick part on there that mentions that the United States did 331 nuclear tests in the upper atmosphere in the 70's. Think about all that radioactive fallout that's being blown around by the atmospheric winds. This was when we didn't understand the effects of nuclear fallout...

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