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Default Re: Does ur job suck?


Farmer: 8/10
Pros: Rewarding work, working with my hands and seeing the fruits of my labor come forth, peaceful
Cons: Hard work (doesn't bother me though, I enjoy it), long hours, crappy pay, depend heavily on things you can't control (ie, weather)

Volunteer Firefighter: 9.5/10
Pros: Getting to help people and make a difference in the community, you get to play with water, and there are lots of flashing lights.
Cons: You see some pretty bad stuff (severe injurys, death and people loosing everything they have), can be long hours, no pay

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Default Re: Does ur job suck?



Benefits: Payments are when ever I bill people, profit on about 350-750 a week (sterling pounds) can be more or less, it all depends how many clients I get and how many jobs I get threw. It changes alot.

When you go out (not at work) and your having a chat with a few people, like in a pub, or from someone your friend knows, people seem to think they know it all because we get on alot of subjects and its nice to hear people talk about things such as business's when they think they know it all, they seem to talk in a group to people and im around listening and some people talk some half made up s**t, and they try and looik cool but then I butt in and tell them how the business really is run and things like that.

Own office, watch films while workin, go on the internet and go out for a smoke when ever.

Get a lift to work free, get free dinner.

Fit as f**k girls all around outside or even next door to my work, always girls to chat to outside.

Con: Long hours if you get alot of clients, boring sometimes.

And thats about it.

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