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Old 08-29-2008, 12:43 AM   #11
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Default Re: Democratic national convention.

Originally Posted by bullzi View Post
i dont care who people are voting for, thats not why i made this thread. i think politics are becoming to much like celebrity events, they didn't used to be..
I know what you mean. It's seriously over done, and both sides are lying out their butts or have ideas that are just as crazy/unreachable as their competitors plans that they are bashing.

Using gas as an example, McCain wants to drill more oil. Simple, but it won't be finished for a few years due to regulations on building. Obama knows that and says he'll push for more research into alternative fuels, but that doesn't guarantee that it'll be done even in eight years.

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Default Re: Democratic national convention.

kind of out of topic, but i got out of school for this week because they holded the DNC near my campus, so they closed off the whole place.

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Default Re: Democratic national convention.

I don't have much to comment on the "glamourization" of the election but I think the whole world is just waiting to see what changes a new U.S. president will bring. We hope it's for the good and not an introduction of the same disasters Bush instated.
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Default Re: Democratic national convention.

You guys have to look that even if they can't completely change something, they can still start something. If the project is going good, it should be a no-brainer to the following president to continue it. Look at Brazil. The 4 previous presidents started projects that only got done this year. That's (not sure) but anywhere from 16-32 years of the project being worked on. Our current President, Lula, has no education whatsoever, he was a carpenter, however he is economically one of the best presidents we've had. The presidency prior to that, knows as FHC, was great, but he's not seen that way

I rushed this paragraph because I have to go to school. I'll enforce my point later.
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Old 08-29-2008, 08:19 AM   #15
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Default Re: Democratic national convention.

I have a theory about this.

Obama is doing this, to make himself more known to people, (duh) however if you look at the stats from 2004, 2000, and so forth, you'll see a steady decline in people voting. More so the 18-30 bracket.

So, Obama is making it seem more "flashy" to draw attention to himself, for that specific age bracket.

However, the catch 22, is its also making Mccain more popular because Obama is mentioning Mccain and people want to know what the other side has to say. Only Mccain isn't spending the millions that Obama is making himself more flashy.

The point: is to get more people to vote either way. Only the Dem's decided to make a flasher approach and to spend more money to make them seem more "popular" but I think its going to backfire in the long run, but who knows. Like I said, its also making the Rep's more popular and they don't have to spend the money like the Dem's do.

Also the Dem's are just going to blame Bush for everything (like he had any power anyway when in fact its the SENATE and the CONGRESSMAN that control most of what the President does) and say that Mccain is exactly like Bush, which is definately not true. Mccain is more liberal than Bush, and sways on a lot of issues that Bush didn't.

Thats just my thoughts.

I'm voting for Mccain,however I'm very hesitate on who he picks for VP. And just very hesistate overall.

I definately don't like Obama's VP, being for the IRAA, and against Peer-2-Peer downloading and he wants to spend a BILLION dollars on monitoring P2P websites. Yeah..don't think so.

Also another quick point.

Mccain wanted to do 10 debates through the summer - november instead of these conventions to let the American people know about either canidate. Obama rejected infavor of the conventions.

Instead we are only have 3 debates.
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Originally Posted by 01001010 View Post
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Default Re: Democratic national convention.

It was an interesting convention with some interesting speeches....don't believe that I'll vote for Obama though, I don't have much faith in the Democratic party personally.
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Old 08-29-2008, 12:05 PM   #17
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Default Re: Democratic national convention.

ooh yes bullzi i watched it live last night, it was a joke to me lol.
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Default Re: Democratic national convention.

It was on like 10 different channels...C-Span 2 had it the fastest lol so I watched that. I wanted to change the channel because of all the crap they were talking about...

Wow McCain chose Palin? I would go for him but I think that pretty much ruined his chances...Obama is still not my choice.

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