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Default Decrypting "file" extension files?

I have an Xbox 360. The hard drive that attaches to it, if you dissasemble it, is a small SATA hard drive that I hooked up to my computer and using a program called xplorer you can access the files on it.

Alright. Madden 08, American football simulation game

EA sports (makers of madden) release "rosters" for Madden 08, and they save to your hard drive.

You don't have to read this->They release these because some players will start playing badly or playing very well and they have to make the simulated players in the game reflect that. If some wide receiver is dropping every ball thrown to him, EA takes down his catching rating.

Plain and simple=Every player has a numerical value that represents how well they do in various categories. A 350 pound D linemen may have a 95 strength rating, while a punter may have a 25. A punter would have something like a 90 KPW (kick power) while as a D linemen may have a 0.

So I extracted my file from my hard drive and here it is.

Now the problem is, the only plain text information is the player's name, date of birth, and college he went to.

The attributes are probably deeply encrypted and hidden within the gobbledey gook that I can't read.

2 things.

1. This file is a "file" file, there is no file extension much like most of the files on the xbox 360 hard drive...so I don't know what that means...but it probably means something.

2. If you could help me decrypt this, one thing that you can look for to maybe know that you have decrypted it or w/e, is that Randy Moss's speed or SPD rating is 97. I can name like probably 100 more stats of random players off the top of my head if you needed me to.

So if you can help me decrypt this somehow that would be greatly appreciated.

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