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Default Re: Damn it, I need a job!!

no not a con man I always wanted to start my own business but never was good at web design or at getting the word out and and the prices for the computers are comparable to what are sold around me for the parts at any store around me. I just bought a computer for my brother in law and sold it to him for 500.00 and know it could have gone for more but cut him a break and in the process will most likely be taking care of the computers for his father's business now (which is what the computer is for that i build). By the way its very early in the morning for me and not really explaining myself fully sorry for any misunderstandings

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Default Re: Damn it, I need a job!!

Originally Posted by Hid_Enigma View Post
what i meant by computers is advertising that you build them and resell them. I know if i could advertise properly than I can buy a computer for 300 to 350 and resell it for at least 1200 to 1500 dollars
Unless you can show us hard proof,it's not that easy.I Make about $100 per PC I Build.Also i build Pc's for people quite rarely because many prebuilts are cheaper,the only time my PC's are cheaper is if the person wants a Gaming rig.

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Default Re: Damn it, I need a job!!

Originally Posted by 63083 View Post
Well my mom is like ultra paranoid that I'll get in a crash falling asleep at the wheel because of my narcolepsy. And my parents are divorced so there's like no money for any car. Even a crappy one from a junk yard.

And I'm happy to almost be an adult. Just 2 more months. And I've thought about quiting school early and getting a GED just to get out of the house and live on my own but that seems like a bad idea sort of.
For those of you that don't know what Narcolepsy is:
Narcolepsy is when you go from fully awake and cognitive to REM sleep in less than 5 seconds. You're out like the proverbial light for a short while then wake up not remembering what happened.
Driving a car is out of the equation for the more serious cases.

As for quitting school, ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR F-ING MIND?
Between you and some one with a diploma two guesses who's going to get the job... STAY IN SCHOOL!!!
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Default Re: Damn it, I need a job!!

Yeah, I have a more serious case of Narcolepsy. It really does blow.
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Default Re: Damn it, I need a job!!

Don't quit school.

If anything, it'll keep you occupied until all this blows over (I think it'll be about a year at most before the US can really be seen to be recovering, with the UK following some time in October 3827) and it'll give you the edge in any opportunities that do arise.

I was pissed off at the prospect of having to do another year of University but it makes perfect sense for me to do so; it'll give me a good degree and the worst of all this horseshit will be over by next year.

Master of common sense. If you don't like it, stop reading.
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