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Default Re: Crysis Demo

Originally Posted by superman22x View Post
Yeah, this demos is long enough for me, lol, I havent beat it yet. But I will buy the game. This demo is great. Runs great!! And I have it on medium.
I watched my brother "beat" it in probably 30 minutes... It's basically just the first part of the game, and it leaves you hanging when it ends so you will want to get the game, so you really don't beat it, but more complete it...

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Default Re: Crysis Demo

just started downloading it, my brother isnt here too

funny because i just realized i had a dream that i was downloading something and i was getting like 10MB\s last night I WISH!

this is how you can tell your connection is slow, is if after 3min. of downloading and your still at 0%

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Default Re: Crysis Demo

kage ur hardware meets recomended specs, so can everyone plz remember This IS a DEMO!. EA probably expected it to stutter......even with the best hardware
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Default Re: Crysis Demo

lol i found one bug with the game. On the first part of the level (i think the first sort of "base" you attack) where there is a boat out in the water, i walked onto the dock and when i turned around to walk back for no apparent reason i was launched about 50 feet into the air and died. I was seriously like WTF? It took me a second to figure out what had happened. lol
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Default Re: Crysis Demo

Oh man, I know they throw grenades at you. Maybe you got hit by one?

The game is fun and has a lot of objectives (which is what I like). I like the armor suit control. Invisible mode, haha. Too bad they're on for a limited time. I would use them all over and pull an FPS Doug on their asses.
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Default Re: Crysis Demo

I'm running off XP, which is why I was forced to use High settings and not Ultra High.

18-25fps in game round abouts. If I look straight at the sky, I get around 50 haha.

On the start up part with the planes and that going through the clouds, it knocked me to around 11fps when the plane was close to the camera.

But yeah, minimum of 18, average of around 19 and max at around 25 within normal situations.

That is trying to play all on high, with a res of 1680x1050 on my specs
Oh, and CPU is at 3.2GHZ, not 3.6GHZ at the moment


I've forced it to run at a lower resolution now 1280x960, and it doesn't look stretched, and at that setting, on High, I'm getting 25-30-40fps
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Default Re: Crysis Demo

YES. finished downloading, now i just have to get my computer working. i think im just going to load vista lite for now. it will just make the process easier.

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