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Old 11-25-2007, 09:29 PM   #1
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Default Crazy Holiday

my holiday was so crazy i can just now tell the tale, i had to push for it to be declassified not really but that would be cool.

we were supposed to go Wednesday night but my mom was making this disk and by the time she thought she was done my dad was too tired to drive

woke up Thursday morning, ends up my dad screwed up the disk we never got it working but we left at like 10am. best part is my brother got grounded a couple days before we left so he pulled a "im not going unless i can bring my laptop" needless to say he didnt go, his lose, the food was great.

Thursday was filled with food and people stuffed with food sleeping.

Friday afternoon was filled with playing cards (Pinochle) and me finding out that a stereo my grandma wanted out sucked pretty bad

went to my uncles at 6PM he has a 360/PS3/50in DLP (get an LCD\Plasma BTW) so that was fun. i owned my lil cousin at COD4 and we watched mission impossible 2\Click<< i had seen it before but i was still amazed how weird the ending was.

i wake up at 4AM to the sound of a women yelling at this person in a car saying "Get the F*** out of my car!!!!" eventully the person in the car pulled up about a block and this other driver who stopped to help followed and they argued up there and one was saying the cops were on the way, then about 5min. after that a cop rolled right on by, obviously waiting for backup but after the car was out of view the lady in the car took off, and im pretty sure it wasnt here car. so after 5min of the lady saying "Oh god my S*** is in the car" the cop came back and another pulled up with him. the women could say two things
"My S*** is in the car!!!!!"
"My dad just died officer and all they care about is fighting!!!!"
this all started as someone attacking the lady while she was driving (she happened to be the designated driver from what i could pick up).

something to laugh at while i slept

saturday was fun too, woke up and played more video games, then my dad\other uncle came over and they tried to play COD4 with me and my cousin, resistance was weak. my dad is pretty bad, at one point i followed him for about 2-3min. even though he knew i was behind him, he was just looking down at the ground shooting, eventually it got too risky and i stabbed him. then me\cousin vs uncle1\uncle2 and i got 42 kills in a row i must say though you get NO ammo in split screen. i had to pick up other people's weapons the whole game, at one point i was completely out and i ended up killing them both with my knife and for those who are like "wtf there is no knife" when you "melee" your guy pulls out a knife and attacks with that.

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Default Re: Crazy Holiday

Congrats on the niec holiday, I enjoyed mine also!

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Old 11-25-2007, 09:50 PM   #3
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Default Re: Crazy Holiday

oh i failed to mention that i made 20$ from my uncle for naming all the NFL teams in order by there division i almost bought the new COH but i decided things were cheaper on newegg. im not spending any of my money til after x-mas.
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Old 11-25-2007, 10:11 PM   #4
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Default Re: Crazy Holiday

you did not own me at cod4 u just beat me by like 10 or so kills lol
New rig coming soon.
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