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Old 06-16-2010, 11:48 AM   #1
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Smile Crazy Computer Stories

I currently work at a University computer tech desk and help students remove viruses, get their computer registered to our network or fi hardware issues. Their have been many interesting stories that have ran into in our office. I would like to share one with you that will always make my day. I was also wishing that I could hear some stories from you.

Here's my story:

An Asian guy brought his laptop and asking us to try get his computer to turn on. Well I took in laptop and told the guy that I would give him a call when it was done.

Well he was right, the computer would not just turn on. So like every tech (at least I would think), I started hardware removal just to try narrowing down the issue. Well I flipped over the computer and there was rust all over the bottom the computer including around the battery and its terminals. It kinda raised my eye about that and stopped troubleshooting because it could of been a fire hazard.

Well I gave the guy a call asking if he could come in and talk about the issue. He came in and I showed him the bottom of his computer explaining that it was a fire hazard. Well then I asked, "Do you know how this would have happened?" And he very directly told me, "I set my laptop in a tub of water because it got too hot."

I about busted out laughing because I just didn't believe he told me that. But, me being nice, I told him we couldn't work on his computer because of the fire hazard and he understood were I was coming from.

From this day on, this story is going to pass on till I graduate.

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Default Re: Crazy Computer Stories

OMFG lmao

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Default Re: Crazy Computer Stories

i commend you, Sir. you've made my day :L

i heard something similar in a PC store once, dude assumed he could clean his iphone in the sink.
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Default Re: Crazy Computer Stories

^ I'm sure there's an app for that
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Default Re: Crazy Computer Stories

Lmfao. That story....lolol...
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Default Re: Crazy Computer Stories

Originally Posted by thompatry View Post
"I set my laptop in a tub of water because it got too hot."
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Default Re: Crazy Computer Stories

I had a guy come in to my best buy yesterday with his laptop cuz his keyboard wasnt working. It smelled like someone had just pissed on it. I got him out of there as fast as I could. It amazes me how stupid some people are when it comes to computers...
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Default Re: Crazy Computer Stories

There's water cooling, and there's "water cooling".

still wonder how the guy didn't get zapped a little.

Anyways, pretty good story there.

There's this site here:

Which is full of things like that, from the user AND technicians.
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Default Re: Crazy Computer Stories

When I worked at a local Tech Store, the boss and I were standing in the front when an 'older' woman walked in with her computer. She sat it on the counter and the boss asked her what was wrong with it. Without hesitation she looked up at both of us and said her cup holder broke. I looked at him and he looked at me and we were both kind of confused. He asked her what she meant and she spun the computer around on the counter so the front of it was facing us and as she pointed to the CD Tray, repeated 'my cup holder broke when I put my coffee mug on it this morning'. I had to run to the back of the store to keep from laughing. I was still in earshot and got to listen as the boss tried his best to keep from laughing while he explained that the CD Tray isn't a cup holder and that it's for CD's. He then of course had to explain what a CD was. Once she left, he came back and we both had a good laugh about it and he was ragging on me for leaving him stranded up there by himself explaining all that too her.
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Default Re: Crazy Computer Stories

I've had people tell me all sorts of BS when it comes to computers.

I was discussing AV software and was told that my rig was more open to viruses because I use Avast! instead of Nortorn 360...

And the discussion move on to hard ware where I was sworn to that the RAM on a machine holds data after power to it is removed! Therefore I was told that the RAM has to be changed if you have a virus! WTF?

After trying to educate them about basic hardware and it's purposes I gave up after he tried telling me that the hard drive doens't retain it's data after power is removed to it.

But hey, they also 'rely' on these 'free' registry editors/fixers to 'repair' their machine...


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