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Default Re: Command & Conquer Collected

Originally Posted by malbuc87uk
Shame about the rest of the game

Yeah, my problems with Generals are this:

1) Boring - lacks the charm of the older ones
2) Totally unbalanced teams
3) AI that rushes you constantly even when playing on the noob difficulty levels.
4) Play online, get completely pwned very quickly (I think my record was literally 2 minutes)

At least they finally released another patch, after all this time. Scudbug is gone!
1. Well that ofcourse depends on personal preference, but I like it quite much.
2. Well no. Every one has their advantages, with usa u can just defend and pwn with the airforce. I have destroyed my enemy (usually play against hard china, they tend to give u some resistance instead of just getting totally pwned) many times just using the airforce. (ofcourse used infantry for defence) With china if u have that huge pwnage tank and mount it with a minigun it is really powerfull, almost unstoppable. With GLA u really can't win if u just do a normal attack, u should use the general exp thingys to sneak to their base and blow up important stuff. And the units are quite cheap so u can make loads of them.
3. The AI is quite easy. If u play with easy it will rush u with like 2 of the infantry machinegunners. And by the time this happens u have had enough time to build a power plant, a resource thingy a barracks and one other building, and make way more than 3 units. Hard can give u a nice challenge, u just have to make sure that u have a good defence because they will try to destroy u with alot of troops quite quickly.
4. U can always practise with the AI, hard gives quite a good challenge.

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