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Default Re: CF Member Survey

Username: lhuser
Age: 18
Country: Canada
Grade: -
Current Occupation\Want to be: Now: Prestine Marketing hockey cards packaging | After: Computer techie with MCSA, CompTIA and Cisco certifications.
Single\Taken: Single

Online Store: None
Amd or Intel: Intel/AMD/VIA/Cyrix/PowerPC/NEC (Any CPUs with 32, 64 or 128-bit architecture)
Nvidia or Ati: Both
Favorite Ram: Kingston/Infineon
Motherboard Manafactuer: Asus/MSI/BIOSTAR/PC Chips/ECS
Favorite Chipset: VIA/SIS/Intel
Favorite PSU's: Coolmax/OKIA/HIPRO
Best Case: Aopen SSF
Hard Drives: Maxtor/Seagate/WD
Cpu Cooling: Stock fan with Silver grease

Own a Cell Phone: No
Have a Myspace: No
Facebook: No
Skype: No
Yahoo!: No
Gmail: Yes
Homepage: about:blank
Time Spent on PC: It's my life, so IDC.
Time Spent on CF: IDC really. I go on when I feel like it and when I have time.
Favorite Song: None
Favorite Band\Groups: None

Most Helpful Member: On CF, I don't really find one that helps out the most of everyone. They're equal. But, the one who instructed me a lot, was Setishock.
Favorite Thread: None
Favorite Avatar: None
Sold Anything over CF: Traded
Custom Avatars In or Out: Never
Think David is Too Strict: If he's strict, no.
One thing you regret on CF: I am never regrtting stuff
What do you want done to CF the most: None

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